12 Best Plugins Available on WordPress to Optimize your Site

yoast seo plugin

The loading time of your website depends on how you have completed the process of WordPress website optimization. The faster the loading time, the more traffic & a smoother experience you would be able to give to your website visitors & users.

The first thing comes in anyone’s mind who is new to WordPress or handling their website is what is optimization of a WordPress site & which tool they can use to achieve a faster loading time using WordPress. In this article, we will provide you all those answers including how optimization can affect your website SEO ranking.

So let us begin with the first question:

What is WordPress Optimization?

WordPress optimization is a process of speeding up the load time of your website and rectifying & making changes in your website to appear higher on a search engine result page.

Based on a variety of things, a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go & many more determine your website’s connection and readability before giving a ranking to your website on their result page.  

Basically, more relevant content a search engine finds on your website, more higher your website or webpage will appear on a search engine ranking. Once you take into account that over 65% of internet users won’t look beyond a first or second page of their search result.

The optimization of a website determines the experience your website visitor will get while they browse your website or a webpage online. This also ensures your website gets a faster loading time whenever someone enters URL of your site.

Factors Affect Your SEO ranking

Several things in a WordPress site can affect the search ranking of a website like a keyword choice, adding and refreshing content, making search-engine friendly style, building links/ and technical problems which can drive search engines away.

The choice of a web hosting plan, a fast theme for your WordPress site, quality plugins, spam comments, image optimization & by enabling browser caching, a website owner can improve the search ranking of his WordPress site.

12 Best Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress site

yoast seo plugin

  1.  Yoast SEO

This is one of the first tools which a WordPress site owner should install immediately after creating a website. This is one of the most downloaded and highest ranking plugins available on WordPress to make a website search engine friendly.

This plugin provides several options like checking for any broken links, a Google keyword planner, meta description & keywords for website pages & several other options to optimize a site.

This plugin is available to download for free & for advanced features, you can buy a premium version also.

We have written a detailed guide how you can use Yoast SEO to make your WordPress site SEO friendly. You can read this guide Everything You Need to Know about Yoast SEO to learn the features of this plugin & how to properly set up for your WordPress site.

  1.  WP-Optimize

Over time your website can begin to accumulate several unuseful pieces of information. WP-Optimize is a website improvement plugin for WordPress website engineered to assist & clean your WordPress info for maximized performance. The plugin works to de-fragment MySQL tables likewise as take away information like pingbacks, trashed comments, terminated transient choices, post revisions, and so on.

The process of doing this task manually can be very overwhelming for many users as it takes some time and expertise in technical knowledge. The plugin offers nice management over that area of your website you would like to optimize.

If you want, you can further allow it to run automatically or schedule cleanups for your WordPress site. This tool can remove several unnecessary files like spammy comments, trashed posts, tags which are unused and more within one-click.

  1.  WP Fastest Cache

This is one of the most famous plugins available on WordPress to make your website load time faster. This can easily be configured with your WordPress site and help you make your website load time faster.

Every time a user opens a website using the URL, they are required to download the content like, images, video text & other things of a website which can increase the load time of a website depending on the internet connection speed.

WP fastest cache keeps a log of your website in its database which permits a website load faster without the need of downloading all the content of a website every time.

This is an important tool which every WordPress site owner must use.

  1.  Smush Image Optimization

The images account for more than 60% of your total website page load. All those high definition images you are using on your WordPress site can significantly increase the load time of your website.

We understand, you do not want to compromise the quality of the beautiful photographs you are ready to upload on your website but think about it, if an image size is 5mb and you are going to upload more than 10 files on your website, how much content the users of your website have to download to use your website? This can make a website very slow and eventually you will find the less traffic on your website.

In this situation, an image optimization tool like Smush Image Compression & optimization comes handy which you can use to optimize the images for easy upload.

  1. Lazy Load

The Lazy load is specifically created to compress the videos on a WordPress site. If you like to share videos on your website using YouTube or Vimeo, this plugin will convert the embedded links to a clickable preview image.

Instead of sharing video directly on your website which can make your site slower, you can use this tool to share the videos.

  1.  Cloudflare CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) will increase the load time of your website by distributing your website network to many servers.

Using this technique, whenever somebody tries to open your website, a CDN allow a quick loading time by fetching the information from the closest server.

Cloudflare CDN is available on WordPress plugin database to download for free and it has a large number of networks which are distributed globally. You can buy a premium version for features like DDoS attack protection.

  1.  Jetpack

Jetpack is a multi-function plugin created by WordPress parent company Automattic. Instead of using several plugins which can drastically reduce the speed of your site and performance, install this plugin for features like

  • Add & create Contact Form
  • Analytics for tracking & viewing the search queries
  • Monitoring the downtime of Your website
  • Security feature to prevent a Brute Force Attack
  • Allow you to share blog & content on social media sites
  • Automatic Backup of your WordPress site data

Apart from the features mentioned above, Jetpack provides several other features.

  1.  Broken Link Checker

Broken links can not only create problems for your website but they can also harm your website SEO ranking. This can also result in several technical problems for your website.

With the help of Broken Link Checker, the broken links on your website can be fixed within one click. Broken Link Checker monitor & scans your website for your any broken link and notifies you about the same.

  1.  Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate links plugin is available for free on WordPress which allows a website owner to manage all affiliate links. It helps you shorten the length of a URL and redirecting your readers to your favorite affiliate programs.

  1.  Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is created by Google to make mobile websites load faster. It also adds an “AMP” stamp under the website link on a search result.

  1.  Plugin Organizer

This plugin allows a WordPress site owner to change the way or order a plugin loads on a different webpage. You can also disable the plugin on the certain webpage of a website which will increase the load time your website.

  1.  Autoptimize

Autotomize has several great reviews under the WordPress plugin dashboard. This plugin can optimize your website by minifying the cache scripts and HTML, inject CSS, optimizing Google fonts and many more.

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Optimizing a website is an important task which should be done frequently. Before optimizing your website, we recommend you to take the help of GTmetrix plugin to check the speed of your website.


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