4 common mistakes students make in physics exams

Whether a student is an expert or he is someone who learns slowly at his own pace, in both of these cases students feel nervous when it comes to appearing for an exam. Students find exams to be very difficult irrespective of how much they have prepared or how much they have understood about the concepts. Students have to pay special attention to the main subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, and biology to increase their overall score in the exam. Physics being the toughest subject among all has to be studied carefully and properly. Regardless of the concern for physics in every student, some mere and very common mistakes have been observed among all of them.

Here are 4 common mistakes students make in physics exams:

1. Insufficient working for calculations: Students must know the correct approach to answer for every type of question which many students fail to do. Here is a brief idea of how to answer the questions.

               For any short type question, let’s say for any 2 mark question the mark allotment is as follows:

  • 1 mark for correct answer
  • 1 mark for correct formula and substitution

For any long type numerical the approach should be as follows:

  • The working should be shown in a clear and logical fashion
  • Answers should be rounded off at the end to highlight it.

If someone will solve the answer properly but without a correct answer then he/she might get less mark for the wrong answer.

2. Mistakes while writing units: This is the most common and repeated mistake of all the time by almost every student in their lifetimes. Students usually forget to write the correct unit after solving a problem or numerical from topics like Ohms Law, Ampere and etc. Units should be written properly because in physics units are vital pieces of information. There are some really important units that every student must remember:


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