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You must remember that the cloud holds an outsourced nature, and the loss of control is thus an inherent feature. That is the reason why sensitive data must be kept under continuous and careful watch to avoid all means of exposure or breach. More and more businesses today are moving towards storing their business Databases Security in a cloud environment. Thus, it is essential that you be aware of all the possible risks associated with it. Database companies assist the businesses and offer enhanced security for their data to minimize the rate of security breaches.

The three standard threats of deploying a cloud Database Security system into a business are as follows:

Hijacking the User’s Account:

So, what happens when an intruder tries to high jack the user’s account? The external force attempts to gain access via the loopholes in a software security system to acquire the passwords to the account. It is quite evident that once the intruders have cracked the user’s password details, they will lock them out by setting new passwords. Thus, it results in the exposure of all sensitive business information in the wrong hands. What makes it even riskier is that they may also then have access to information that can help them with data on several other users all at once. So, it is best to use a good database management system.

A Data Breach:

It is the most common threat faced by enterprises with cloud-based databases. As previously stated, post an account highjack, the intruder has free access to all the sensitive information about your business, your customers, and staff that you have stored in the cloud. They can very well use it for their personal gains. Information like the mailing addresses and credit card numbers of your customers are sensitive. The database Security breach can have a severe impact as more and more information gets stored in a centralized locale over the net. Your company may be at immense risk of losing credibility as millions of employees or customers can be affected at one single go.

Loss of Valuable Data:

Losing data is for sure a huge concern for both large and small businesses. Another undeniable outcome of an account high jack is the loss of valuable information. How? After gaining free access to all sensitive data, an intruder might just delete or wipe off some significant chunk of it that may be a key to many operations to the owner. All of this is to cause tremendous inconvenience to the company owners. Thus, comes in the need for data backups on a daily basis to keep the database up-to-date and shielded from a risk of being permanently tampered with.

Database security is at the crossroads of massive challenge amidst a cloud computing environment. The various IT related services that are offered via the cloud environment is a significant cause of the database security issues. The risk that enterprises are currently facing with their highly sensitive business data being exposed is both of external as well as internal attacks.


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