5 good reasons to install the iOS 12 beta right now

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On June 4 Apple presented the news of iOS 12 at the WWDC 2018 conference for developers. But before its official launch, the company publishes different public and developer beta versions. In this way, all those interested in testing the new functions of the mobile operating system have the possibility to report errors, bugs, and problems for Apple to make the software more efficient.

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have not yet decided to download and install the beta version of iOS 12 on your iPhone, on your iPad and/or on your iPod touch. That is why today we will present a series of reasons that will encourage you, or not, to try the most advanced mobile software in the world on your device.

Recently, Apple published the fifth beta version and the fourth public version of iOS 12. So this is a much more stable software and with many fewer errors than in its infancy. Anyway, and before you start with the reasons to install iOS 12, it is imperative to remember that it is best to try the new features of iOS 12 on your secondary device as it may continue to give stability problems, errors, and bugs in applications that you can use in your day today.

Important: Before downloading the public beta version of iOS 12 on your iPhone and/or iPad, you must make sure that you accept the appearance of bugs and potential problems that may affect the performance of your device. In addition, you will have to make a backup in iCloud or on your PC/Mac of the contents of your device BEFORE downloading iOS 12.

And without further delay … we started with the five reasons why we consider, you should be encouraged to try iOS 12 on your secondary device. Remember! We are facing a very polished and stable beta.

  • Access to new functions

Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons to try a beta version of any operating system is the ability to enjoy all the news it offers. In this case, installing the beta version of iOS 12 will allow you to enjoy the new screen time applications, with which you can reduce your addiction to the mobile by analyzing usage statistics; Siri Shortcuts, an app to create custom shortcuts in several applications or Measurements, with which it is possible to measure any element with the camera and augmented reality.

iPhone application development

But, additionally, if you install the beta of iOS 12 you will also be the first users to access other wonderful features such as the Memphis (personalized dynamic emojis for each user), the video calls of 32 participants in FaceTime, the grouped notifications, the new Animojis and the intelligent search of Photos, as well as the redesign of the user interface of other apps such as Apple Books and Bolsa.

  • Increase the performance of your device

Although it is a beta version full of errors and problems, curiously and ironically, its performance is much more efficient than in iOS 11 of iPhone application development. Especially in the oldest devices. Apple promised that they would focus on improving the stability of the system after the great controversy with the battery and iOS slowdown.

Applications open 40% faster, the keyboard is 50% more fluid and the camera is 70% faster. On the other hand, energy efficiency is also visibly higher, so the battery also lasts a little longer. Something that is clearly reflected in this comparison of an iPhone X with iOS 11 and iOS 12. Goodbye to lag!

  • Learn to familiarize yourself with iOS 12

Another of the great advantages of downloading and installing the beta version of iOS 12 is to have the opportunity to get acquainted as soon as possible with the operating system and its new elements. This version will allow you to interact with the functions long before their official release, you will know their ins and outs, their secrets and hidden benefits first hand.

  • Identify extremely rare bugs

Apple offers a wide variety of different models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Therefore, it is important to recognize as soon as possible the bugs that may affect only your specific model (for example, 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi + Cellular 512 GB) and report the problem to Apple to be solved in the Golden Master version of iOS 12.

  • Join the debate in the Apple community

Finally, try the new features of iOS 12 will give you the option to share your opinion with the other users of the Apple community: Does the operating system work well in your terminal? What functions are your favorites? Do you think Apple should innovate more? Do you want to help someone with a tutorial? Join the conversation and share your knowledge under these premises.

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How to install the beta version of iOS 12

We have a complete tutorial on how to install the beta version of iOS 12 on your device, but you will only have to follow a series of simple steps to do so. We dictate them to you next:

  1. Sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program.
  2. Access the iOS 12 section.
  3. Download the profile of the beta version of iOS 12.
  4. Go to Settings> General> Software update.
  5. Download and install the public beta version of iOS 12.

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