5 Maintenance Tasks Dirt Bike Riders Forget To Do

Dirt Bike Riders

What do dirt bikes and plants have in common? They both thrive in the dirt and require TLC if you want them to last. While you may not care if your plant’s wilt, you definitely want to keep your dirt bike in top shape to extend your bike’s life, increase your safety, and save money to spend on hot dirt bike accessories instead of costly, avoidable repairs. Remember to put the maintenance of these five dirt bike OEM parts at the top of your priority list.

  1. Chain

First, clean your chain after your ride. Waiting for the mud to harden can make it easy to brush off. Once the chain’s clean and dry, polish it with your favorite lube. Next, check its tension to ensure it’s not too tight or too loose. Don’t use the three-finger rule! It’s more accurate to measure slack with calipers based on manufacturer recommendations.

  1. Air Filter

The air filter is such a boring part that it’s easy to forget – that is until your engine is damaged. Don’t wait that long to clean and oil the filter. Adventurous riding makes it gets clogged and moist faster.

  1. Fluids

Everyone knows to change the oil, but remember to check the coolant and brake fluids, too. Watch out for leaks as well.

  1. Tires and Wheels

Did you know that dirt bike tires need different pressure amounts based on terrain? You want a lower PSI for muddy conditions than for dry for optimal performance. Remember to look over the wheels before riding. Tighten loose spokes and replace worn out wheel bearings.

  1. Cables

If you want better control over your dirt bike, clean and lubricate the cables to keep out particles and reduce wear and tear. Make sure you reconnect the cables tightly.

The bottom line: Wash your bike after every ride, check all components, and keep everything well greased. When it’s time to get a replacement part, shop for OEM or aftermarket products from a trustedsource.

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