5 Tips and tricks to master Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most popular and best application to manage, organize and organize crucial data.

This application is used in countless ways and this is the reason why the number of features is packaged within the popular application of this Microsoft. A website called SoftwareKeep, From there you can Buy Office 2019.

This does not matter if you are a casual user or an Excel expert, it is important to know everything in it so you can easily use this complex application.

Here in this article, we are describing – easy tips n tricks that will make you master Microsoft Excel:

  1. Click once to select all

Many of us know that we can select the entire Excel sheet using the shortcut Ctrl + A …

but I guess few of us know that simply clicking once on the corner button will select the whole data in less than a second.

  1. Open several Excel files at the same time

While working on several excel files, you need to open files one by one, this is quite difficult to manage but here we are going to describe a practical way to open all of them with a single click.

All you need to do is select the files you want to open and press the Enter key, all the selected files will open completely.

  1. Create a new shortcut menu

The use of shortcuts makes work easier. In Excel, we have three shortcuts in the top menu – Save, Undo Write and Repeat writing.

But if you want to use more shortcuts like Copy and Cut, you can configure them:

new shortcut menu

Here you know how:

Go to File> Options> Quick Access Toolbar> Add Cut and Copy from the column on the left to the right and save it.

Now you can see two more shortcuts added to the top menu and make the work easy for you.

This is really very useful to organize the crucial Excel data easily and become an Excel expert.

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  1. Add more than one new row or column

Well, I think that the majority of the Excel user should know that when selecting a row or a column we can add a new one using the Insert drop-down menu in Start.

However, here is an easy way to do it.

Drag and select rows or columns> right-click on highlighted rows or columns> select Insert from the drop-down menu.

Now new rows will be inserted above the row or to the left of the column you selected for the first time.

create row and column


  1. Apply Diagonal Borders

If you have a table that requires row headers and columns in the same cell then use the diagonal edges.

Click on More Borders at the bottom of the edge drop-down menu ( on the Ribbon Start tab ) and the diagonal buttons are at the corners of the box.

Click on it and save.

This makes the work easily understandable and presentable in your Excel sheet.


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