7 Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to home improvements, there really is not such a thing as a minor or cheap renovation, and the kitchen is no exception.

Kitchen renovations in mid-sized homes in and around Melbourne are known to be expensive, sometimes reaching the mid-five figures.

We all want to improve our kitchen to match the one in our imaginations, but it is easier said than done. Today we are here to share a few of the most surefire ways you can improve your kitchen without breaking the bank. They include;

Set Realistic Goals

When renovating your kitchen, it is essential to determine how much you are willing to spend, a time frame for completion and realistic expectations of what your budget will be.

You can also decide to break your renovation project down into phases that can be completed over a longer period.

Take time to browse through various designs, get advice from professionals and most importantly keep your options open, going into a kitchen renovation with clear cut goals is the best thing you can do.


A great way to get items for your renovation at a fraction of its original price would be to purchase them during sales such a Black Friday, Christmas sales and the likes.

Buying during sales will allow you to spread out your cash and purchase more items.

Make the most of the internet; all the best deals can be found with little to no stress.

Rejuvenate Your Wooden Floors

One of the most underrated ways to improve your kitchens profile would be to polish the floors, for those of us with wooden kitchen floors a good sanding can go a long way.

You can have your kitchen floor sanded by professionals that will remove the minimum amount of timber possible during the sanding process, after thoroughly sanding your kitchen, this Melbourne based company will apply a barrier seal to your floor then finish the job with a high density, water-based polyurethane for a sparkling finish.

Preserve Your Kitchen

The golden rule when refurbishing your kitchen would be to work around what you have at the moment.

Unless your kitchen is a moldy, disgraceful eyesore, you can always work around your current kitchen and replace items that need replacing while also painting your kitchen in new vibrant colors that resonate with you.

Kitchen Remodel

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A lot of the time it is not that your kitchen needs much change in terms of infrastructure, your current paint job might be worn out due to age and environmental conditions. 

You can breathe some life into your kitchen by painting its entirety with bright colors capable of camouflaging outdated cabinet and kitchen design.

Lights, Camera, Action

Renovate any room in your home by introducing better lighting; add overhead lights that are brightly focused on areas where the chef will make use of the most.

Pay attention to details and include under-cabinet lighting that will not break the bank; smart lights are always a good idea for any kitchen makeover.

You can completely redefine your kitchen with a few strategically placed lights, and if you are up for it, you should include mood lighting to make your kitchen the place to be.


No matter what you do during your kitchen remodel, avoid moving appliances. Making use of your existing plumbing system will save you thousands of dollars as it will cost you big bucks each time you move your dishwasher, sink and the likes.


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