9 Study Tips To Score Higher On Tests

Study Tips

Exam. Who likes taking them? If you’ve ever experienced being a student, you would know that tests are one of a student’s nightmare. There’s time-pressure, the wide variety of questions, and obviously the weight of failing the test. It is obvious that you should study and review extensively before an exam. One thing you have to know before you start studying is that we all have different study methods. This means that while your friend’s approach to studying may not necessarily work for you. Even if you attend the same lectures, you may not retain the same information as your friend and classmates do. This is due to the brain’s system of retaining information. Each one of us differs and you have to figure out how your brain learns the best. However, that takes time, effort, and more importantly, a lot of discernment. There are hundreds of study methods to use and experiment around.

Here are 8 Study Tips that might help your

  • Regular Revisions

For the majority of students, regular revisions are a nightmare. It is rare to know a student so hardworking that he/she does regular revisions. However, if you want to pass with flying colors, it is best to put in a half an hour to an hour of studying your notes once or twice a week. This ensures that all information is fresh in your mind. Reading your weekly notes are also great as it gives you an opportunity to study what you do not understand.

  • Take Breaks Regularly

You do not want to experience a burn out on your brain before an exam. Your brain will reward you for your generous breaks by being active on the exam itself. Cramming information is always a no-go but let’s face it, you will probably be cramming most if not all of the information the day before. This means that you should let your brain rest even more so that it does not get fatigued on the same.

  • Study Groups

Getting your classmates and friends to help each other study is perhaps one of the best ideas that you can do. Once you get the work environment going, it is a guarantee that you and your friends would be stuck in that studying mood for ages. Your friends may also have notes that you do not have. By helping each other out, you are guaranteeing a higher possibility of all of you passing the exam. Be aware though of one con of having study groups: you and your friends can easily get distracted and stray away from studying. Remember to focus and get rid of any unnece3ssary distractions around you.

  • Take Online Courses

The internet is your friend. If there’s a lesson that you do not understand, search for it online. There are a lot of online resources available for you, either for free or for a small cost. For example, you can check out Udemy Online Courses to help you study. Many also earn with this opportunity as they can sell just by providing online courses once they are done.

  • Drink Caffeine

Caffeine keeps the brain alert. This is one of the reasons why coffee is such a popular beverage around the world. Before or during your study, try to ingest even a  small amount of caffeine which will help you in the long run.

  • Eat up Omega-3 fatty acids

You should not let go of your diet especially when you know that there will be an exam soon. This is often a common mistake among students. During Finals exams, students lean towards fast food and other unhealthy snacks to cope with the stress. However, they could not be more wrong. You should also keep your mind and body healthy if you want to perform properly. You would want to have a diet rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. These acids can be found in fish, nuts, and olive oil. They are known for their brain-boosting potential and has anxiety-reducing properties.

  • Create Visual Aids

Visual Aids, especially if you are a visual learner, can help your brain retain more information. Take the time to create charts and diagrams to aid you in learning your course materials. Condense all notes into one-pagers and images. You can easily recall everything you need to know during the exam.

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