Amp Up Your Hotness With These Blonde Hair Colours

blonde hair colors

We saw it coming, and it is a reality now that blonde hair colors are the hottest color selection for many women now. This year, you will have various variations of this hot color to experiment with. For instance, we have dark blonde and grey blonde colors mixed with silver and platinum hues. However, you should be keen when choosing blonde shades since the wrong choice can have detrimental effects.

2019 is almost halfway, and you haven’t yet selected your blonde hair hue? Well, these beautiful blonde hair colors will inspire you. You may say that blonde has been your style for a long time, but remember that there are colors here we are sure you haven’t tried yet. Depending on your personal tastes, hair shade and type, choose one or more of these six ideas and experiment with them.

  • Butterscotch Blonde.

This is among the most beautiful blonde hair colors for women in 2019. It is suitable for almost all ages. However, it appears great particularly on women with naturally greying hair and also those with natural dark manes. It is an ideal transition hue for ladies looking to achieve a platinum blonde shade.

  • Warm Blonde.

Warm blonde hair colors are without a doubt appealing shades for light skin women and with dark natural locks. The colors don’t look entirely blonde, but they brighten up your face to outline your facial features. If blonde is your thing, this is worthy of trying my dear.

blonde hair colors

  • Sun-Kissed Blonde Colour.

This beautiful blonde hair shade is one of the most sought-after colors and also one that is not easy to achieve especially if you have naturally dark hair. The hue also needs careful maintenance because the darker roots don’t appeal so appealing.

  • Highlighted Bangs.

This year we are witnessing new variations of highlights and especially this one is stunning. If you want to go blonde entirely, you may need to experiment with different shades and see the one that rocks your looks better. For instance, you can have the bangs dyed dark color of blonde and the rest hair dyed lighter hue of blonde.

  • Platinum Blonde.

This is a beautiful look that is easy to maintain if you have dark hair. You can get the best colors if you have naturally light hair. You won’t have so much work to lighten us your roots every week.

  • Ash Blonde Ombre.

Ash blonde hair colors are appealing shades that can give you a stylish look. Ash blonde hair blended with brown color can give you a stunning ombre that is easy to manage, and you won’t need those touch-ups for a long time.

  • Reddish Blonde.

This is the main color than ladies who want to become redheads start with. These colors make your hair appear softer. It is the color you would like too if you try.


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