From a Newbie’s Perspective: Things to Know When Starting Travel Photography

Art of photography

One of the jobs I wanted is to be in the industry of travel photography.  In the past, I often imagine myself sailing across the world, meeting different faces, taking pictures of fascinating places, outdoor adventures, local cultures, and fancy events.

If you share the same dream and passion as mine, don’t be afraid to start your journey today. This article will show you what I did when I have started in travel photography.

Start by Setting your Goal

Before thinking about the place where you will go, you have to set your goals first. Take note of the reasons why you want to engage in the industry of travel photography.

“Do I want to travel for free?”

“Do I want to tour faraway places?”

“Do I really want to visit new places and start taking photos?”

Goal setting and writing down your reasons will serve as a reminder if you’re getting tired of work or you end up with a lot of things that go wrong, which can eventually drag you down.

Practice, Practice, and Practice


Art of photography

After I listed all my goals and reasons why I will do this job, I started to learn the Art of photography. I studied my camera well, got the right settings, and got to have an understanding of all the basic things about my craft.

Your camera is the tool of your trade. You need to have a good understanding of how your camera works. You can’t master your tool just by reading its manual. Experience is the best teacher. For example, I practiced taking a ton of photos of my dog, our house, and the roads and routes leading to exquisite places.

Go out with your tool and let experience teach you the intricacies of your craft. In time, you’ll be able to produce quality shots like they were nothing. Again, one of the best teachers for you to excel is the experience.

Do More on Research

But my adventure hasn’t begun yet.

I did my research on the basics of travel photography. I have read blogs, books, magazines and different mediums to satisfy myself. That time, all I’m thinking of is,

“I have to read more and more.”

I have also watched travel stories on TVs and internet. I have combined knowledge, hard work, and my passion for me to succeed.

Begin Where You Belong

Pursuing Travel Photography doesn’t mean that you need to travel far places to get started. As a newbie photographer, you can start just by roaming around your hometown. A friend of mine told me that maybe I should start in our small town. That’s when I realized how I missed a lot of wonderful things that were just around me!

After I got satisfied with endlessly roaming my hometown for amazing shots, I let curiosity get the best of me. I began packing things that I needed on my journey. After arriving at the nearest town from ours, I started collecting photos from the next city I went, until I went to various locations, far from home.

It’s important to know that you only have to pack the bare essentials. If you’re planning to buy some items for your journey, you can visit nearest outdoor and travel stores, or you can browse online such as Deal Wiki to complete your travel stuff.

Art of photography

Invest in a Blog Site

After I have gone to some places and took photos and of the most beautiful sceneries, right now, I am preparing things to create my blog site. You can create your website also.

Maybe it is an excellent way for us to upgrade our career, to tell the world where we have been, and what we have done.


Starting from scratch wasn’t an easy task. I started from the basics and let my curiosity guide me throughout my journeys. Of course, I needed preparations and how to safely conquer every obstacle put in front of me. Every snippet and picture I got was worth the extra effort.

If I did it, you can too. You just have to believe in yourself. Trust the things that you can do, slowly master your tools and crafts, learn to take the right risks, and do it with heart and passion. At the end of the day, you’ll hold that picture up high and say “Now this is a photograph.”


I have been writing on tech since 2014 and what started as a side gig has now turned into a profession that I am immensely passionate about. A computer science graduate by education, I also enjoy reading and baking.

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