Avail the Best bulk SMS Service in Bangalore at Reasonable Prices

Bulk mail service provider in Bangalore

There are many bulk SMS company in Bangalore which offers special SMS packages and a highly efficient bulk SMS gateway. This has brought a kind of revolution in the SMS market service of Bangalore. They provide their clients with a facility to inspire their messages at the lowest bulk price. Bulk SMS marketing is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies in the world today. SMS marketing was getting ignored in Bangalore until the Bulk mail service provider in Bangalore popularizes their bulk SMS services. There are many features of this bulk SMS service which are as follows:

  • This bulk SMS service is usually recommended for marketing products and marketing purposes.
  • This allows the delivery of SMS to all mobile numbers of all networks but did not allow to be delivered on SND numbers. Users get an instant refund for non-sending messages.
  • This bulk SMS service can be recommended for schools, colleges, web portals and web registrations.

The SMS providers in Bangalore offer SMS service at affordable rates. They provide the user with bulk SMS transactional, promotional and marketing SMS services in Bangalore and ensure their customers to get 100 % delivery of messages. They provide the redundant network with all major telecom operators and also avail the facility of the web-based panel for end-users o manage and run promotional SMS and transactional SMS with assured delivery.

As a bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore, Walkover Web Solutions deliver innovative mobile messaging service across Bangalore and specialize in bulk messaging services and SMS gateway connectivity services in Bangalore. Their bulk SMS package is loaded with all the features which are available in the industry. These features cannot be found anywhere at such affordable prices.

Bulk mail service provider in Bangalore

Web-based portal application and API integration are available for transactional SMS gateway and to provide all marketing SMS. They also have inbuilt DND numbers check feature that can be used to check the activation before broadcasting marketing SMS. They provide their clients with innovative bulk SMS facilities and focus on providing a cost-efficient business solution to their valuable clients. They cost no extra charge for the provision of transactional SMS and ensure 100 % delivery of SMS anytime in 24 x 7 hours.

They send SMS with custom sender ID and create groups and send campaigns directly just by selecting a group name. They send personalized or Dynamic SMS content to each mobile number and also provide easy to use the web-based portal. it requires no installation or license fees. The API code is also available for instant integration with software or application and hence allows the user to get quick reports for all SMS campaigns broadcasted. All SMS are broadcasted with the help of high-speed premium instant delivery route. It is also very easy to use and get a 100 % verified delivery report online. Thus it enhances the working capacity of bulk SMS service providers and helps them to manage their working operations.


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