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The Best of Big Data Blogs in 2018

Data science is a rapidly changing industry. Every now and then, big data market emerges with brand-new trends and approaches, providing great knowledge and insights to businesses to make more informed and smarter decisions. If you are a student or a big data professional, you need to keep yourself aware of the dynamics in the field of data science to stay on top of your game.

It is essential to keep up with this ever-transforming field to become a success in big data. And the best way to do that is by going through the most popular and good quality blogs on data science. We have compiled a list of the most amazing data science blogs in all the important categories to assist you in knowing all that you want to know about this booming industry.

1). KDnuggets

If you want an in-depth knowledge of Statistics, Analytics and machines learning, then this is the perfect source for you. It is an incredibly famous blog run by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro who is a preeminent expert in this field.

2). Revolution Analytics

The blog gives away news and latest updates on the programming language known as R. Being the official blog of a company named Revolution Analytics, it provides articles with regards to recent releases, tips, and packages for experienced people as well as beginners on R.

3). Data Science Central

An online resource for data science along with big data content, Data Science Central owns some of the most substantial social media channels. It comprises of unique articles written by some of the most esteemed people in the field of data science. The website also offers a forum where it is possible for anyone to ask questions on data science-related topics.

4). Analytics Vidhya

It is the most appropriate blog for those who wish to have a fulfilling career in this field as it features articles on big data, Python for analytics, machine learning, R programming and so on. It also allows you to post any question in the forum that is relating to data science.

5). R Bloggers

R Bloggers is one of the most enlightening blogs on data science that owes its popularity to more than seven hundred and fifty R enthusiasts. The blog features articles on data mining, predictive modeling, text mining, predictive analytics and covers a wide range of topics in the R programming language.

6). OReilly Media’s Data Science Blog

Known for its technically sound articles that revolve around leading concepts, OReilly Media’s Data Science Blog is a highly popular among admirers of data science especially because it includes articles published by influencers in data science.

7). Big Data Made Simple

Big Data Made Simple is helps you keep updated on all the innovations happening in the world of big data. It is an able curated blog on data science that features the latest news as well as trends regarding with technologies, companies, products and more.

8). Cloudera

It is an official blog of Cloudera, a well-known big data software company. The blog features articles along with news on various kinds of big data software including Hadoop, flume, Apache, Kafka, Zookeeper and many more.

9). Hortonworks

Being the official blog of Hortonworks, developers together with supporters of Apache Hadoop, it is a tremendous source for news and releases relating to Hadoop. Hortonworks is an excellent place for Hadoop users to find case studies, tutorials and guides on the subject.

10). Datafloq

Datafloq provides you a convenient way to stay well informed about the data science industry as it is a well-structured hub of data science resources. Here you can find news, opinions, research, and advice on big data.

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