Title: 5 Ways to Get Your Child Happy To Play a Musical Instrument

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Is there a way to get kids interested in learning music? Well, it is a daunting task. Kids are moody and unpredictable. Learning music demands an immense amount of discipline, attention, and time. Hours of practice might frustrate your kid especially when they are interested in the tablets or apps. They would also prefer playing with friends.

There are numerous benefits to getting your child to learn a musical instrument. As per studies and research conducted by varied universities and experts across the globe, kids who play musical instruments usually have higher IQs. They also perform well on standardized tests as compared to those who can’t.

According to an interesting statistic, it is revealed that around 85% of people who do not play music instrument regret not learning music. Many even regret quitting in the initial stage of lessons. Most kids tend to quit classes due to the frustration of understanding and learning basics.

Learning how to play a musical instrument will be rewarding for your child. All it demands is a little eagerness from the part of the child and supportive parents. Yes, you need to make learning experience fun for your child.

Listed below are a few tips to help you create interest in music:

1. Choice of Instrument

best music schools

Children are blessed with unique personalities. Hence, it isn’t natural that your child will have similar likes and dislikes of your best friend’s son. Their choices and interests are different. Hence, when choosing an instrument, you need to make sure it matches with their personality, age, and interest. Choosing an instrument without consent will make them frustrated and quit. So allow them to choose for themselves. Let them test out a few varieties of music instruments. You may visit a violin shop and check for an instrument fit for your child and ask if it interests them. Let them hear these instruments, watch famous personalities playing them on YouTube or in real life or play it themselves.

  1. Support your Child

Practice is very important for your child. However, you need to support him and make sure he never gets bored. Leaving the child alone will make them lose interest. They’ll be forced to think why they have been forced into such an exhausting task. You must make efforts to keep them engaged with the instrument. Keep asking them what they like, are working on, ask questions and much more. It really helps to ask them about their favorite parts. The process will keep nurturing their interest in playing music.

  1. Be your Child’s Fan

Make it a point to visit your child’s performances and recitals. Also, avoid missing the impromptus performed in the living room. Your attention will be nothing less than a reward for your child. Appreciation coming from you will strengthen child’s affection for the instrument. They’ll be inspired to practice more and excel the art.

  1. Hire a Professional

Choosing one of the best music schools and the right teacher is instrumental in a child’s musical journey. This is crucial to help your child love music. So make sure that the music teacher is very inspiring and encouraging. He or she should have the skill to maintain the interest of your child in music. Proper techniques should be taught by the teacher.

  1. Make Classes and Practice Interesting

Strictly avoid picking boring and obsolete songs for practice. Picking boring songs will make your child quit. Make a list of the little one’s favorite songs and let them enjoy achieving perfection while playing at it. Although classics are important, these may not help when trying to develop the interest of your child in the instrument. The idea is to create a bridge between learning their instrument and preference of music.

The efforts, time, and investment you put into helping your child learn an instrument will definitely pay off. Encourage your child and support him as far you can.


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