Few Relevant Tips & Hacks for Your Next India Travel

India Travel

India Travel – Whether you are new to travel or not, every country in this planet comes with a unique set of challenges & complexity for its visitors. India is one of the unique challenges of all—take our word for it, we’ve been doing India Travel for the last 15 years, and hence we know nook and corner of this country!

In so many ways, the cultural diversity in India exceeds the range found in the United States. Imagine the amount of diversity cultivated by 29 states with different climates, language, terrain, and religions—could you even think of learning all 122 of India’s major languages? That is the type of diversity; we are talking, when you plan your India travel

India Travel

As you are reading this India guide keep in mind that experiences are unique depending on where your adventure or preferences takes you. If you’re headed to south India, you must prepare to pack differently than if you were going to north India. Weather-wise North India is completely different from South India

All this to say, India can be a tricky puzzle to solve if you don’t plan well. Whether you’re going to India for business or as a tourist, keep reading for the best advice on getting your visa procedure, flights tickets, avoiding cultural faux pas, packing necessities and much more!

It purely depends on your best time to travel to India. It could be Spiritual, backpacking, luxurious holidays or just for exploration. If you are coming to India for a spiritual purpose, we recommend you visit the temples of North & South India & world-famous meditation place is known as Rishikesh.

One such place is of Puri town where the temple of Jagannath Puri is located. Puri is a beach town, and hence you can have a spiritual fulfillment when you travel to India. The world famous Konark temple which is dedicated to the mighty Sun is located an hour from Puri town.

jagannath puri

A word of caution for you, Indian cities are crowded, or I li say too much crowded and to say traffic is very chaotic is an understatement. Cars, city buses, big trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, carts, pedestrians, and livestock all compete for that small space on the road. Traffic laws are there, however, please avoid the peak traffic time, and that is 8 AM to 8 PM.


If you plan and well, you won’t face any harsh situation and as a best practice, always have the plan B ready. Welcome to India


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