Do you think your sugar and ovulation have a distinct relation?

Blood sugar and ovulation

In case if you are trying hard to become pregnant without any degree of success, you would appreciate any first-hand help that comes in your way. One thing could be sure that your sugar levels could be having an impact on fertility levels.  Blood sugar and ovulation have a distinct relationship.

How sugar goes on to have an impact on your hormones

It would be quiet easy to ignore the impact sugar does have on your hormone levels. Since sugar is a food that makes their way through your digestive tract.

When you consume sugar the body activates hormones. To start off it is insulin. Too higher or lower levels could be dangerous so when sugary soda has a definite impact on blood sugar, insulin would churn into blood sugar in the shortest time frame possible. The adrenal glands then take over. When a quick release of blood sugar takes off it is an indication to release hormones. They are cortisol and adrenalin.

Blood sugar and ovulation

The body is now working overtime in the regulation of these three hormones which deals with high sugar. If you undertake this often be sure that the fertility hormones would have to bear the impact. It has been stated that insulin has chemical similarities to the ovarian hormones which send out a definite signal to the body for ovulation. If ovaries figure out that the signal would be to produce fewer fertility hormones, for sure the consumption of sugar would have to deal with fertility.

As per various medical health associations, the suggestion is that women should not be having more than 25 grams of added sugar which is about 6 teaspoons. In the case of men, they can have 9 teaspoons that would be around 36 grams of sugar. The added sugar can be in the form of rice syrup, honey, or simple plain sugar.

There is no definite need to worry about natural sugar that comes along in case of fruits. You could also want to cut down on white rice or white flour that your body might need to possess quickly. This could lead to hormonal swings or similar insulin.

You will be really thrilled to figure out how much amount of sugar you can cut down in your daily day to day life. Let us have a look

  • Instead of eggs, you can have a donut for breakfast
  • Instead of soda, you can drink water.

In case if you are facing with issues of pregnancy then sugar is not the only thing that you might have to cut down. The intake of sugar can have an impact on your health particularly in case of your reproductive health. This would be a definite area of your life that you do have control over. In case if you are really planning to have a baby it would be really worth to observe what is the amount of sugar that you can cut down. This would make you a lot healthier as well.


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