Cakes from Around the Worldworth Tasting

Cakes from Around the Worldworth Tasting

A bite of cake can really bring happiness in life. It is the most celebrated dessert around the world.

There are endless varieties of cakes available nowadays and best cake in Jaipur or any other place can also be delivered from online cake shops.

There are few celebrated cakes around the world which are very popular. One should definitely taste them if they get a chance.

France: Galette Des Rois

This cake is traditionally eaten after Christmas mostly in the first week in January but this has become very popular these days and available almost throughout the year. This cake is essentially made of layers of buttery puff pastry which is topped with powder sugar. Then it is wrapped with some rich almond cream. This cake is baked till the outer layer gets a toasted look.

Germany: Black Forest cherry cake

This cake is a traditional one from the south east of Germany where Black Forest is located. Though many say that it has its origin in Switzerland, but the Germans have perfected the recipe of this cake. This cake is made from a few layers of chocolate and the layers are separated with cherries and they it is topped by whipped cream. Some more cherries and chocolate shavings are also used for decorative purposes. The Swedish version of his cake has some more whipped cream and meringue.

Turkey/ Greece: Revani

Turkey is very famous for its variety of sweets and they are mostly made from dried fruits, honey and layered pastry. Revani is a moist cake which is elaborated with semolina and also a dash of lemon.  Then there is orange syrup which is mainly used to make the cake a bit moist. Otherwise it will turn out to be a very dry cake. This cake is also very popular in Greece.

Japan: Mochi

This is a traditional Japanese cake which is made from rice paste and this one is mainly baked on the New Year’s Eve. But this one is also available throughout the year in varieties like soups and ice creams.  This rice paste can be easily moulded and can be combined with a lot of ingredients and so Mochi cakes are available in unlimited varieties.

India: Mawa Cake

This is a milk based cake which has a lot of cashews, almonds, and a touch of cardamom. This Mawa is actually solidified milk which is obtained by the process of cooking very slowly and by doing this, the liquid evaporates. This cake is very popular in Mumbai, and the Iranian cafes have been serving them for ages.

New Zealand/ Australia: Pavlova

This cake is named after a famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. This meringue cake was baked when she visited New Zealand but the origin of this cake is by the Kiwis and the Australians. This cake is majorly garnished with fruits like strawberries and kiwis. It also has a marshmallow like centre.

There are plenty of cake recipes available now and people are experimenting with cakes to come up with new recipes every day.

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