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How to Select the Cheapest Writing Service for Academic Needs

At some point, almost every student comes up with an idea of addressing a professional essay writing service for help. There are reasons for it:

  • Students feel overwhelmed by the number of assignments they have to deal with;
  • Not being able to cope with assignments on time, students feel stressed, which can cause more cognitive, sleeping and emotional problems;
  • Students need time to pay attention to other spheres of their lives: side job, friends, relationships, personal growth, projects, etc.

Considering all this, it is fair to say that students address writing services mostly not because they are not diligent enough, but because the educational system doesn’t work good enough. It is impossible to cope with all the writing tasks on time and at the highest level of quality at the same time. At the same time, students have limited budgets and tend to look for cheaper options, when they require academic writing assistance. Here, we’ve gathered tips on how to select the most affordable writing service for educational needs.

Rule #1 Cheap – Yes, For Free – No!

Saving money is one thing, but trying to get an academic paper for free can cause you trouble. Don’t even try using online samples from free websites as you will most probably stumble upon entirely plagiarized pieces, with lots of mistakes, used thousands of times by other students before you. It is better not to submit a paper at all that to get caught and accused of plagiarism.

Rule #2. Pricing Policy Matters

You should pay attention not only to the cost of papers but also to the pricing policy in general. It should be fair and logical, and you should understand its logic clearly. The final price will depend on three factors: the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages required, and your year of education. Make sure that the change in price is not too drastic when it comes to the proximity of the submission date. For example, if you address one of the affordable and reliable services like Cheap Writing Help for academic writing assistance, you can count on ordering papers with a price range starting at $9.5/page. Even if you need an assignment written overnight, its price won’t kill your budget.

Cheap Writing Service

Rule #3. Choose Bigger Agencies

Boutique agencies don’t have a sufficient flow of orders so they can’t hire professional writers to work for them. The most prominent agencies are often the most expensive ones. It means you need to find a reliable service of moderate size but with enough experience to handle your order correctly. Check the company’s history, read Terms and Conditions, etc. If you want to address a particular service for the first time, it is better to start from talking with a support team member and ask all the questions you can have in mind.

Rule #4. Order In Advance

If you want to save up to 40%, it is better to pay for your essay or research paper in advance. Some agencies don’t accept orders with the more than two weeks deadline, some allow you to place an order a month in advance. You can ask for an extended deadline, especially if you want to order a dissertation or research paper proposal.

Rule #5. Look for Freebies and Discounts

Normally, discounts are for returning, loyal clients. For example, you have been buying with this service for a year, you have ordered papers for more than $500 already, and you get a 5% bonus for all the assignments you buy later. The more you order, the bigger your discount it. You can get some freebies not being a returning customer. Most of the reliable services offer clients free perks in the form of pages written without charge — bibliography, title page, outline, abstract page, etc.

When choosing an affordable writing service, make sure it is not stupidly, suspiciously cheap. The price per page for a high-school essay can’t be less than $8-9.5, because academic writers are not that cheap and the whole system requires maintenance. If you find a service that satisfies your needs fully, keep ordering with it to get a discount and find the best authors you can rely on.

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