De-Stressing Before Your Big Day

De-Stressing Before Your Big Day

Your wedding day is usually one of the happiest times of your life. Surrounded by friends and family, celebrating the love that you and your partner share. However, planning your big day can be a stressful affair, as trying to get everything organized can leave you feeling a bit frazzled and overwhelmed. If you are under a lot of planning pressure, don’t fear. There are many ways in which you can relax and enjoy this journey, from natural stress-relieving supplements (click here for more to find the right stress support on Analyze That) to meditation and many other tricks in between.

Prioritize Your Stress

We all want our special day to go smoothly. But once you realize that there may be some things that you are worried about that may not be that important, you can prioritize your time and efforts more efficiently. Focus on what is important, at the end of the day it is about you and your partner.

Ask For Help

Don’t become overstressed because your plate is overflowing and you’ve taken on too much to handle. If you relinquish some of the planning responsibilities, you will have more time to just sit back and relax. Although it may be hard to ask for help, you will likely find that your partner, friends, and family would be more than happy to take some of the tasks on your wedding checklist off of your hands. Asking for help will also make the people involved feel that they are a special part of your big day.

Get Some Rest

No one can function without sleep. Ensure that you are getting enough shut-eye on a daily basis. If you are not properly rested, it will add to your tension and anxiety – leaving you feeling all over the place. When you get enough rest, you will be able to take on anything your day throws your way.

Do Some Exercise

Exercise is known for releasing endorphins, a hormone that is known for making you feel happier and more relaxed. This is why a good workout might be exactly what you need to unwind and clear your mind. Go for a jog around the block, hit the gym or take a yoga class – whatever your exercise of choice may be, it can lessen your tension almost immediately.

Natural Supportive Supplements

There have been many vitamins, minerals, herbs and plants that have been associated with stress and anxiety relief. These natural stress aids can help you to be a bit calmer while planning your wedding day. The great thing about these products is that they support your immune and nervous system so that you can function and feel better.

Some of the most common natural stress-relievers include:

  • Valerian Root – natural sleep aid.
  • Vitamin B – balances neurotransmitters.
  • L-Theanine – reduces psychological stress responses.
  • Magnesium – calm nerves and promotes good sleep.
  • Kava – a root that has calming properties.
  • Ashwagandha – Ayurvedic herb used to relieve stress.
  • Rhodiola – (Golden Root) assists with fatigue.

Head To The Spa

Make some time for some well deserved R&R, invite a friend and go for a relaxing spa day. Step away from the electronics and all of the planning mayhem, and just spend a day free from worry. Book a full day and treat yourself to a facial, full body massage and any other treatment that will help you unwind.

Take Some Time Off

Another great idea to get your mind off of all the planning you have to do is to completely remove yourself for a little while. Book a weekend away for you and your partner to have some quality time to yourselves. This will help you to regenerate, reconnect with your future spouse and ultimately de-stress even more.

Planning your big day does not have to be a cause of anxiety or stress if you take the time to properly unwind and take care of yourself. Ten years from now, when you look back on your wedding you won’t remember all the arrangements and cake tastings. By incorporating these tips, you can enjoy the whole process without turning into a frazzled bride.

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