Development Studies – Career Options and Education

Development Studies

The human development studies have covered up almost all the essential topics. However, the main career options available for the students of development studies include social services, therapy and counselling. To embark the journey in any of the fields it requires a degree of development studies in India. But a bachelor degree can be accepted by many professions.

Required Information

As mentioned above, the human development degree covered many courses out of which counselling, therapy and development are the most essential part. In many cases, the degree covers bya certain number of institutes to cover up social service and community help.

Profession Alternatives

The human development degree covers up several levels of education that focuses on helping out the children and their families. This type of job opportunities includes marriage therapist, counsellors, life educator and family therapists.

  1. Family and Marriage Therapists

The professionals under this category depend on helping out a couple or family out of a situation that is resulting in damaging their relationship. There are many couples or family members that took help from the psychologist when the things started to fall apart. However, in order to pursue this career, it is essential to possess a licence to avoid any extreme conditions.

  1. Family Life Educator

This type of occupation is entirely based on providing services to a family that are based on counselling. The coach works with a family that might be suffering emotionally such as abuse or violence. Such type of issues falls under the category of parenting, economic, sexuality and education.

  1. School Counsellor

In the modern era, the schools are very much serious about counselling of students. They now have in-house counsellors who lookout at all the levels of education. The main responsibility of a counsellor is to help the students and motivate them to work on their goals. In addition to this, if a student has some problem on an academic level, then they also offer one-on-one sessions to them.

Human Development Education

Now, on the education level, there isa total of three degrees covered by the best management colleges in Delhi NCR. These include doctoral, masters and bachelor’s degree. The degree in bachelor is considered as the entry-level degree mainly for community services.Whereas advanced degree opens the door for the counselling, administration, and research jobs.

  • Bachelor in Science–This is entirely based on helping out children and their families. There isnumbers of concentration to choose from in the program such as family finance, community setting, development of a child, etc.
  • Master in Science – This is based on empirical research where the main concepts covered are community and education outreach, policy analysis, etc.
  • Doctor of Philosophy–The teaching and research are the maincomponents of this tier. Student’s lookout for the outreach position in a community with the admission of methodology.

Above is everything that will help you out to decide a career in the field of human development. Now, simply decide your field and jump to it.

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