Download Vidmate And Save The Videos Of The YouTube And Social Media Sites

Download Vidmate And Save The Videos Of The YouTube And Social Media Sites

The Internet has introduced us to the new world of entertainment. Unlike other sources of entertainment, on the various online platforms, you are able to view videos of various genres or even listen to music online. There are various things available on the internet from which you can entertain yourself. But what if you are not having an internet connection? You would like to have the videos downloaded on your mobile phone to see it. In this case, the Vidmate app will be at your help.

What is Vidmate?

Watching videos on YouTube or on any social media websites is a great source of entertainment for anyone irrespective of the place and time. Not having access to the internet may avoid you from getting the right dose of entertainment. So, with the help of this app, you can download the videos available on YouTube and on various social media websites on your phone storage or on the SD card.

Platforms on which Vidmate can be used

At first, it was launched for the Android users only but with now it is available for the iOS users too.

Where to find Vidmate?

Vidmate app is not available on the traditional or on the in-built app store. So you have to find it on the various third-party app stores which give access to the all the blocked and not very frequent available apps. You can easily find it there, download its APK file and install it.

How to use the Vidmate app?

After the installation, you can login to the app or can use it without login too. There on the dashboard, you will see the logos of various websites like YouTube and the other social networking sites. Like if you want to download the videos of YouTube, you simply have to click on its logo. You will be viewing the YouTube like you see while using its authentic app. It is upon you whether you want to login or not. Search for your favorite video in the search bar of the Vidmateapp and a list of the videos that match your search will be presented and click on the one you like. You will be having the option of setting the resolution of the video. Once you do that the video will play in the desired resolution and you will see the download option below the streaming video. Click on it and the video will start downloading.

Where are the videos stored?

The default storage location is the phone storage but if you want to change the storage location, you can easily do it by entering the settings of the app. From there you can alter the storage location to SD card or whichever folder you may like.

Though it is available for download on third-party apps it is very safe to use. There is no hidden malware of viruses. So if you want to enjoy your favorite videos without any interruption then with Vidmateyou can easily download them on your phone for further use.

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