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Enjoy The Best Pizza In Boston Area

It is a popular saying which tells us to do as Romans do, when in Rome. By that logic, if you ever find yourself in Boston, you should try Boston-style pizza –that’s how you’ll eat the best pizza in Boston area that it could offer. But before you go try someplace which claims to sell Boston-style pizza, you might have to keep certain caveats in mind.

Boston-style pizza

Is Boston pizza enough of a ‘style’ of pizza? Whenever we talk of pizza, we usually talk about Italian or Greek, or the more modern styles like the New York-style pizza. Boston style, unlike the other kinds, is technically not a style as such, i.e., no pizzeria in Boston claims to serve a good Boston-style pizza, simply because such a style does not really exist. Interestingly, there is a place in North Wales, Pennsylvania that sells a Boston-style pizza, but essentially serves a pan pizza.

However, some would argue that the Boston-style pizza exists.

Its Characteristics

Although the term ‘style’ is used loosely in Boston-style pizzas, there seem to be two main, key ingredients that go in it –Cornmeal, covering various portions of the crust, which often depends on what pizzeria you go to, and cheese –often a combination of cheeses like mozzarella, domestic parmesan or provolone.

The use of Brick ovens is also prevalent in most pizzerias in Boston. It helps to bake your pizza to perfection, with a soft yet crunchy golden-brown crust that enhances the whole flavor of the pizza.

Is there such a thing?

A lot of people tend to compare Boston pizzas and New-York pizzas. Most people who do not think Boston-style pizza is an actual style of pizza, tend to equate it to New-York or Californian style of pizzas.

The origins of this style trace back to the 1950s, where a Greek community first discovered pan pizza and the style has since been named after the city.People who claim there is a Boston style of making pizzas equate it to the pizza served by one of the oldest pizzerias in the city, which also happens to be one of the oldest in America. However, the term seems to just refer to pan pizza.

In conclusion, Boston-style pizza seems to not be a style by popular opinion. It simply refers to a pan pizza, even though the best-rated and oldest pizzerias in Boston bake their pizzas as mentioned before in this article. However, even though you may not be able to enjoy authentic Boston-style pizza, or you may well already have since it’s a pan pizza, there’s still a lot of good pizzas in Boston that are critically acclaimed and have stood the test of time. So even if you were planning on going to Boston to eat its authentic style pizza, do not be disheartened, as the Boston pizzerias are good to its people, and you will be able to find delicious Italian, Midwestern, Northeastern and Mediterranean pizzas to eat to your heart’s content. We hope you find the best style pizza Boston ma!

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