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Everything you need to know about the Instagram TV

Whenever anything new is launched in the market, an air of curiosity settles around until everything is out there on the table. Same is the case with Instagram’s new launch Instagram TV – IGTV. Since the time it’s launch was announced, there have been a lot of talks going around its usage and how it is going to be one of the revolutionary features within Instagram. So here’s everything you will need to know about this feature and how it is going to be different from already existing platforms that have more or less similar functioning as that of IGTV.


IGTV or Instagram TV is a long-form video format which competes with the likes of YouTube and Snapchat Discover. It is available through the traditional Instagram app and will soon be feasible as a standalone app as well. The intention is to let people enjoy the video without any distraction. A few specs to be kept in mind are its length which ranges from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Please note that the 60 minutes’ mark is only for larger or verified accounts and for all the other accounts, the upper limit ends with 10 minutes. The file size of the video can be of 3.6GB and its type will be MP4. The video thumbnail cover image will obviously be of a JPG format. Just as Instagram stories allows you to swipe-up and perform a call-to-action, similarly IGTV will also have the same provision to target landing pages you want your audience to visit.

HOW it works

Just like other social media platforms (YouTube, television) give users the access to different channels from where they can select the content they want to stream, Instagram TV also makes its user go through the same process. So, for example, you like a particular singer, then thanks to IGTV you can expect to see a lot of content with longer durations.

When you open a television you are presented with a plethora of options and you can choose whichever channel you want to watch. Similarly, when you open your Instagram account, and you further open the IGTV, you can find hour-long videos which are presented in a full screen and a vertical format. In order to move from one channel to the other, you simply have to swipe up. Search, sort, scroll through the video options of the content creators you follow. You can always like comment and share the content just like you do with the traditional app.

WHAT IGTV means for Instagram

IGTV is particularly a good news for influencers and brands who project their content on to platforms like YouTube. They can increase their Instagram following on the basis of the same content, hence giving equal weight to both the platforms. As far as the users are concerned, their source of entertainment is not just limited to YouTube anymore.

Is there anything for the advertisers in IGTV?

Currently, there is no way you can monetize. But as and when IGTV gains momentum among people, one can expect monetization through in-video ads and also through paying the content creators. Brands will also be able to leverage influencers with huge followings in a much more enticing way.

HOW brands are going to reap the benefits

All the businesses are already creating content for their Instagram stories but IGTV can be used to increase the fan base. Cross-platform interaction is something that can happen if the brand shares their content from platforms like their Facebook account, website or any other event they are organizing. Reposting content from other platforms on to Instagram TV can create an entirely new segment of a brand’s social following.

WHAT’S in it for YOU, the audience?

To be honest, there is no audience. You could be an audience for someone and can be the creator for someone else. The line between the creator and viewer has become very thin these days. And with phone brands like Panasonic India (Eluga Ray 550 – Big View display), Xiaomi and Vivo coming up with phones with amazing display and camera, creating quality content is not a difficult task for anyone. Consider this, you are an artist and you have always wanted to make sketches but the only hurdle standing between you and your dreams was the money that the equipment would cost. But now thanks to these phone brands you can consider yourself sorted in every aspect. And what’s more is the traction that you get on IGTV can be a start to a fruitful and successful journey.

Instagram TV looks like a promising platform and this is the reason why you should tap into this venture and experiment as much as possible. Even if that means reposting the videos that have already gone out on other platforms. The response you get will decide the further course of how you can market your content.

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