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In the market, there are maple businesses available for those who love to go for business and earn a good income. However, in some cases, one feels it restricted as he may not have the required amount to invest, which is necessary for almost every business available in the market. Hence people cannot go for it due to this limitation. The share trading is the only business where one can start with limited capital also and earn a huge profit in a few days. For this, one needs to have knowledge of the market and proper understanding of the trend which can help him to identify the opportunity for the purchase or sale of shares of the concerned company.

The investment and risk:

Like all other businesses in the market, this business also has certain risks. One needs to know them before starting the business. One needs to see if he wants to buy or sells shares of a concerned company then why he is doing so. He needs to have strong reasons to believe that the share prices of the concerned company will increase or decrease at a certain period due to certain reasons. One who wants to avail the services of a broker in this market needs to pay him a charge which is known as brokerage. This charge is inevitable as whether one makes profit or loss; he has to pay the amount to the broker under any circumstances. Now in some cases, the client has to go for the reverse trade at such a low margin that he does not get profit and still he has to pay the brokerage which makes his trade in loss only.

Can one avoid the brokerage?

Before a few years, the answer to the above question was NO, but nowadays there are also service providers who do not charge any amount in the form of brokerage. One who wants to save the brokerage must find who is offering zero brokerage in India and get an account opened with him to avoid this charge. The calculation of this charge varies from service provider to service provider, and hence one needs to know it from each of the service providers in the market, but if there are zero charges one need not worry as whatever the result of the trade will be, it will belong to him only.

Find the right broker:

In this era of share trading some service providers have come up with the idea of zero brokerage, and before opening an account with any of the brokers, one needs to check the schemes offered by such service providers also. Though one who goes for one or two trades with a nominal value in the market may not have a severe impact of brokerage, those who deal in bulk, may get its positive effect. They can save a considerable amount which they might have to pay in the form of the brokerage to the concerned service provider. Now, they can save this amount and earn more by investing the saved amount in the market.

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