Finding the Best MBA College in Uttarakhand

Best MBA College in Uttarakhand

It is believed that Human Resource Management practices have formally started with the industrial revolution, but the fact is that the roots of HRM lie deep in the past. The term human resource management has largely replaced the concept of personnel management, which was involved in the process of managing people in the organizations.

At present, the HR department is playing a major role in recruiting, training and helping to manage employees so that the company can run smoothly and perform at maximum capability.

The main objective of this department is using the staff of a firm effectively and salutary for the company’s benefits. Some of the activities of this department are discussed below:

  • Human resource planning: Such professionals are to work on the process by which the company is to identify the number of job vacancies. If the company has any shortage of staff, then they are supposed to work on it and fulfill the vacancy.
  • Job analysis design: It is an important feature of these professionals, as they are to work on job analysis. While working on job analysis, they give a detailed explanation of each and every job in the organization.
  • Recruitment and selection: As these professionals collect information from job analysis, they prepare advertisement and circulate it. This is known as recruitment. When applications are received after the advertisement is published, they conduct interviews and select the right candidate for the company.
  • Orientation: Once the candidates are selected, these professionals arrange the orientation program for the selected candidates. It is an important area for these professionals to work. They provide all the necessary information of the company to the new employees so that the new employees can work according to the culture, values and work ethics of the company.
  • Training: These professionals arrange training for the employees of the company. This helps the employees to put up their better performance in the working areas and helps to develop the status of the company.
  • Remuneration and performance appraisal: It is the duty of these professionals to look into remuneration. Also, they are to conduct a performance appraisal and check the performance of the employees. Based on the analysis, the promotions, increments in salary are decided for those employees.
  • Industrial relations: These professionals are also to maintain co-ordinal relations with the union members. This will bring benefits for the organizations and will ensure a smooth running of the organization.

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