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artificial intelligence hospital

Customer experience is an important concern of any of the organization. The way customer is treated and served is what determines the future of business or organization, especially when it is a hospital. In the present world, where most of the people stay connected through social media and mobile apps, even small negative news can spread like wildfire. This is the reason why all of the present hospitals give utmost importance to hospitality and monitor the performance of front office staffs to that of senior staffs through CCTV surveillance.

Importance of AI in the hospital

Even though the CCTV system covers and converts everything to videos, it doesn’t send alerts on non-adherence of several factors. Here comes the importance of artificial intelligence hospital. The advanced AI solutions give complete AI view of the hospital all the time. The solution can be easily integrated with the CCTV system to monitor and check adherence of SOPs.

Automatic detection

AI solution makes real-time monitoring of the CCTV videos and automatically detects the non-adherence of several factors including gloves, spillage detection on the floor, safety cap/hairnet, floor mopping, cleanliness of table surface, uniform and more. Any of the unusual incidents and occurrence are instantly monitored and intimations on the same are sent to concerned persons or departments.

Better customer experience

AI solution helps the staffs to provide better customer experience and patient care in the hospital premises. Well-developed AI models for the hospital from the reputed companies can capture the important areas to generate the insights to get a clear understanding of the patient. The solution helps the staffs to get information on the count on walk-ins, chair occupancy, traffic alerts for guests waiting for an area, reception area, treatment area and more. The solution also helps to get insight on emotions; happy, sad, confused, angry, surprised, disgusted, etc., and demographics including age, gender, range, etc.

artificial intelligence hospital

Personalized services

The insights on the above-mentioned factors help the staffs to provide personalized service of the patients to make them satisfied to the maximum extent. Most of the hospitals in the country are making use of the benefit of AI solutions to identify the problems of the patients within seconds and to provide the necessary services before it turns to be a severe issue.

Better management of resources

AI solutions provide a 360-degree view of the hospitals to the concerned departments. Since the solutions are developed to work on a server-based platform, you can access the solutions at any time from anywhere. The accurate reports generated by these solutions help the hospital management to make use of the manual staffs and other resources in the best way.

Automation of activities

AI solution automates most of the activities by limiting the involvement of manual staffs. These solutions work just like the human brain and can provide instant reports throughout the day and night. These solutions never get tired or feel bored of doing the repetitive works.

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