Healthy ways to get fitter

gets stored in the body as fat.

Losing weight shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal should be getting into in a fit lifestyle. Fitness is a lifestyle. We must motivate ourselves every day. We have to go to our workout session when we are at our best as well as at our worst. We shouldn’t give in to our cravings or laziness. We must inspire ourselves and soon one day we will motivate our communities and friends to lead better and fitter lives. 30 percent of the hard work comes from working out. The remaining 70 percent of our goal can only be achieved if we stop eating junk food and choose healthier options instead.

Eat smaller meals frequently

Best dieticians in Delhi recommend eating smaller portions of food frequently. Eating larger portions of food is not good for the body as most of the food gets stored in the body as fat. Instead, opt to eat smaller meals once in 2 to 3 hours to ensure that you are not starving or overeating. Both of these extremes can cause bad changes in our appetites. Our goal is to reduce our appetites to a decent level and maintain it.

gets stored in the body as fat.

Avoid fried food

Fried food such as chips and fries tends to increase body fat. Most fried food available in the market tends to be loaded with MSG. MSG is a food component added to fried food to add flavor. MSG has a bad side effect of making you feel hungry. This means that if you are hungry and end up eating chips. You will feel hungrier after eating the chips. This makes you overeat. Fried food can also increase acne. We must also reduce eating fast food as they are very unhealthy for the body.

Eat raw vegetables and fruits

Eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits are high in various nutrients and fibers. Eating raw vegetables and fruits is very healthy for the body. Instead of eating a bag of chips as a snack, switch it to cut vegetables and hummus. This will make you feel fuller and make you feel healthier.

Say no to carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks can leave you feeling bloated. It is best to avoid carbonated drinks. Switch to detox waters instead. You can make your own detox waters in various flavors. Drinking water infused with cucumber, ginger, mint and lemon help get rid of bloating. This combination can be used to get a flat stomach.

Exercise regularly

While dieting leads to 70 percent of your success, exercise does the other 30 percent. It is important to work out. You must ensure to workout at least four days a week. We must incorporate different forms of exercise such as cardio and weight training in our routines.

Fitness is a lifestyle. It comes with a lot of patience and hard work.  We must push ourselves every day to better every single day. By working hard and staying focused every single day we will be able to achieve our goals one step at a time.


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