How to Earn Using the WordPress Website

WordPress support services

The primary goal of any business is generating revenue for the company. Only after generating money, a business can survive. Many people are earning money by using their WordPress site like developers sell Plugins, Themes, or WordPress support services to improve your website. Who doesn’t like to earn money, especially when they already have a website or blog to start from?

In this article, we are going to provide you with the ways to earn money using your WordPress site. First, some word of caution, earning money online is not an easy task; you have to be very patient before you can start earning some money using your website. You also cannot expect to earn a high amount just by doing affiliate marketing or using Google AdSense. It is a gradual process, which takes time.

As we have mentioned in our previous blog, WordPress offers two ways to create a website or a blog. One and second is free to use which provides a limited storage and a sub-domain to start your website instantly. It also offers many paid plan, which you can buy using their website. If you are running a blog or website on, you cannot use Google AdSense, which is one of the popular tools to earn money for professional bloggers. You can use WordAds by for advertising solution but only available if your application is accepted.

Now the above points are clear, here is the list of 12 points to earn using your WordPress site or blog:

  1. By Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways available to earn money using your WordPress site. It works when you recommend a product or service to your website audience with links or any other mean. You earn for every time a user buys a product using your link in the form of referral commission.

The affiliated programs are available for every big industry and you can find the list of promoted Form from Amazon, Commission Junction or ShareASale.

After selecting a product to promote, install a WordPress plugin named ThirstyAffilates. It will manage and insert your links into the post.

  1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense comes second in our list to earn money using your site or blog. As the name suggests, Google AdSense show ads on your website and every time a user clicks on the ad, you get paid for it. The advertisers decide the cost per click. These ads are called CPC or cost per click ads. All you have to do is, add a script provided by Google to start displaying ad.

  1. WordPress Advertisement Plugin

By using Google AdSense, you can earn a limited amount, which will depend on your advertiser. Instead of relying on any third party, you can earn more money by directly selling your site ad space to an advertiser. To do this, you have to negotiate a price, agreement, and invoice by yourself. This all can be a bit overwhelming but you can earn money on your own terms and can also negotiate the pricing.

To do this, you can install BuySellAds plugin which is a marketplace for website owners and advertisers. up website owners and advertisers.

  1. Create & Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

If you are one of that blogger or website owner who does not like show ads on their website as the ads can cause harm to the user’s experience or due increasing use of Ad Blockers. You can alternatively write down sponsored blogs on your website for TV shows, sports, online marketing and other industries to earn money.

You can approach companies after gathering the analysis of your website traffic stats, social media followers, or any other detail which can increase the value of your website.

  1. Write Paid Reviews

Just like sponsored posts, you can also earn money by writing paid reviews on your site. To do this, you can approach the companies about paying you for paid reviews.

WordPress support services

  1. Earn Money by Selling Websites

You can create a website using WordPress support services which are paid services, but if you know how to build a website using WordPress on your own; you can earn money by selling your website to other businesses. Some entrepreneur likes to buy an established website for his or her own benefits. To get the idea of what type of website you can sale, you can visit Flippa, which is an auction site.

  1. Create a Restricted Website or Forum

If you have huge followers on your website and blogs, you can create a member only area for them and share more of your work. You can also create a paid Private forum on your WordPress site to interact and connect more with your audience.

To get started, you will need to set up a forum on your site.

  1. Selling Digital Products with WordPress

Selling digital products have its advantages. To sell a digital product, you do not have to set up an entire e-commerce site as the product can be delivered via e-mail or can be directly downloaded from your site. You can select from different options like:

E-Books – To store e-books, you do not require having a whole warehouse. After creating an e-book, the only which is left to do is sell it on your website.

Online Courses – Selling an online course is also a great way to earn money. If you have any good technical knowledge, you can sell your expertise by providing an online course.

Paid Webinar – Webinars are similar to selling your course online. The only difference is you would be selling your course live and taking questions from the students instead of providing a tutorial on it.

  1. Provide Freelance Services

Freelancing is a great option to earn money online without making any investment. The only three things you need is a laptop, the internet, and your expertise. You can start earning by offering your services like content writing, website building or any other to other businesses. To create an invoice and collect payments from your clients, you can use the FreshBooks plugin.

  1. Start Consultation Business

Like freelancing, there is no investment in consultation business also. You can provide advice and strategies to the clients to improve their business. Alternatively, you can provide your services to startups and new blog owners. To start with consultation business, create a page with a form using WPForms plugin available on WordPress.

  1. Create & Sell Plugins Themes on your WordPress Site

If you are using WordPress, then you must be aware of how important the plugins are. Plugins are very important part of a website as they provide lots of extra functionality like Theme, Forum building, WordPress security issues, Maintenance and many other important tasks which are important to run a website smoothly. If you can find a solution to a problem, you can create plugins and sell them as premium ones. Analyse the market and your product whether the same plugin is already available or you can provide better services for your paid product.

  1. Theme Customization Services

If you are a developer, you can start by offering theme customization services. You can earn a decent amount, as these services are very high in demand. So many users can install a theme on their WordPress site, but they most probably do not possess any technical knowledge to make changes in page layouts or custom post types. This is where you can earn money by providing your services.


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