How to Make Math Practice Fun

Do you fear math? You are not been able to get good scores? Then, you must learn the subject by taking this as a game. You may not believe this, but it’s true that your love for math can grow if you make the practice in a fun way.

Most students think of math as the grim reaper but in reality, the subject is not that fearful, and if you take it with an open mind, it will come to you easily. You can learn it like learning to play Bingo, rolling dice, and so on. Thus, here, check out the fun ways you can learn math.

The dice game

You have played ludo, you still play it with friends and family, so you know the dice. You can create the math problems with a dice. You can have fractions, simple multiplications, all using a dice. If you are a teacher, you can give your students homework based on dice solving methods. Let your students roll the dice and solve the easy tricks. Along with it, you can provide them, study material for CBSE class 9 mathsand let them practice from that too.

Math Bingo

You can play this game no matter how many students you have in the class. You can buy a kit of Bingo, and bring it to the class. You can always make your own game and make a sheet all by yourself. The students have to solve math issues by knowing the numbers to circle on the sheets. This game will teach them math easily and correct calculation will be easy too.

Regular board games

Board games are educational, and you must try this to teach your students math. Like rolling dices, playing ludo. Even Uno can teach a good way to learn math. You can have your students going for subtracting, adding, dividing, and multiplying the numbers on the cards. With this, you also have to give them, class 9 maths study material cbse, and it will help them practice the complex problems too.

Playing war

This is a popular card game, and students will love to play it. You have to play the game in the extra minutes. Have some decks of cards in the classroom and use those as an incentive. Or it can be a bonus which they can get at the end of the game. You also have to make sure that the students are solving math issues and not just playing card games.

Online games

You can also go for online games and they are very efficient in teaching students proper math tricks. There are free to paid apps, which will help the kids to grasp the strategy of math and that too in a fun way.

A baking recipe

This will teach the students the measuring part. You can let them measure the ingredients in cups, and it will help them grasp the quantities. You can buy or borrow an adding machine, and the students will love to punch the buttons on the machine. It’s a good and exciting method of learning math.

You can also take help from Sudoku, puzzles, math scavenger hunts, cutting up worksheets and many more.


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