How to treat your damaged hair?

treat your damaged winter hair

Winter is the worst enemies of your hair as it brings lots of problems with them like dry hair, dandruff, split ends, rough hair and lot more. This is the most irritating disadvantage of winters. Ask anyone and they’ll agree. Ask private dermatologists and they’ll tell you how they are entirely swarmed with patients during this season. But the central question arises that how to take care of your hair. This article provides some of the procedures you can use to regain the type of hair you love. To have that, you simply need to follow these simple steps:

  • Reduce the use of shampoo: Shampoos are made out of chemicals which washes away the natural oil present in hair. This natural oil plays an essential role in the treatment of hair. So, to avoid losing this oil, shampoo only once in three or four days in order prevent hair from drying further and reducing itches and flakes on the scalp.
  • Oil-based moisturizer: As discussed oil is one of the most beneficial substances for the hair. So, use oil-based moisturizer to get the moisture locked in and to ultimately have natural, curly, and bouncy hair.

treat your damaged winter hair


  • Deep conditioning: The part which requires the most of the repair is the scalp. Therefore, to repair scalp, try to go deep with your conditioner. Massage at least twice or thrice a week and try to reach the scalp as much as possible. Wash your hair with warm water to produce extra bounce and to make them look healthy.
  • Nature’s help: Hair dryers and other devices tear hair and make them look damaged. Try to use natural methods to dry your hair and help them breathe. This is not possible all the times but tries to make it happen as much as possible and aim for at least once a week.
  • Have patience: Don’t try to rush to treat your hair and load them with chemical enriched shampoos and other products. Excessive use of chemicals and products will damage your hair and can lead to hair-fall and other problems. Use treatments only when nothing else works.
  • Avoid dust particles: Dust will waste all the efforts incurred in the treatment as it will affect your hair negatively. It will make your hair look damaged. Plus, the dust in the air will weaken your hair and cause problems. Try to avoid dust as much as you can and cover your hair whenever you step out as a precaution.

These are some of the steps you can take to regain your healthy bouncy hair. Nonetheless, it is always beneficial to consult a private dermatologist before or during winter for useful advice and ideas on protecting hair damage that is specific to your type of hair.

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