Buying Property Through a Developer, Agent and Online Platforms

investment properties

Have you decided to buy investment properties in Ahmedabad finally?

Congratulations that you have finally made your mind to make the biggest decision of your life.

Once you have decided to buy a property, there comes an issue – to decide by which medium you will purchase your dream home.

In the current real estate Ahmedabad scenario, you may come across the option of buying via a developer, agent or online platforms.  

Thus, be it the Pacifica The Meadows or any other property in Ahmedabad.

If you are confused which way to go, then this post will help you out. Read on:

investment properties

Buying property directly from a developer:


Buying a property directly from a developer in the real estate Ahmedabad scenario is the best thing to do. It is the least complicated buying-selling module. It is because it involves only two parties – seller and buyer. Buying from a builder directly removes all communication gaps and helps you resolve all queries. There is no mediator in between, and hence, there is less scope of deviation from the promises made by the developer to buyers.


If you are directly dealing with a developer, getting the paperwork smoothly may be a bit rough. The availability of a middleman eases off the pressure of documentation. Also, the buyer needs to analyze the legal validity of the project on own which may consume a lot of their time.

Buying property via an agent:


Hiring or buying investment properties via an agent saves a lot of your precious time. The agent does all on your behalf and picks out the best property as per your needs. Agents are also legally sound and can assist you in all legal formalities associated with your flat.


Although buying a property in Ahmedabad or any other place via an agent is a smart step, you may end up paying off a hefty amount as commission. What’s more, the emphasis should be on hiring an experienced agent. It is because there have been many instances of agents/brokers selling fake or disputed properties to buyers.

investment properties

Buying property through online platforms: –


The advent of the digital age has touched real estate Ahmedabad scene, and a large number of buyers are also bringing their projects online. You can now browse through a lot of real estate properties online right from the comfort of your home. You can also virtually visit the project site and save your time and energy. What’s more, you can also grab all property-related information on the different income property listing websites. As a result, you can make a well-informed decision as per the reviews submitted by buyers.


It is great to sit in the comfort of your home and browse property-based information on websites. However, the only thing that you need to consider is that you should check and verify the authenticity of the project. Assessing the same while being going through the income property information online may be tough.

Hence, which is the best way to buy a property?

You are now aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of buying a property in Ahmedabad or elsewhere. Real estate experts suggest that buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Hence, you should utilize all methods before coming to a decision.

Example You can explore the project online, and then meet the developer or a broker to know more. You can also compare all similar property prices on different websites to know if you are buying it at the right price.

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