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There are a lot of human resources professionals around the world, undoubtedly. But a few selected ones reach the top of the world as global leaders, the leaders who are thought leaders and influencers. They have the competencies and the desire to attract attention, fuel it into what needs to be done to find solutions to talent management problems plaguing the world of talent management, and offer people a vision they can build foundations on.

Wharton School of Business is associated with the University of Pennsylvania and was founded in 1881. It is globally recognized as the innovation center in intellectual leadership in wide-ranging specializations of business education. It offers students a way to mark their indelibility in the global talent management. In association with Talent Management Institute, Wharton School of Business has announced two programs which are:

Global Fellow Program in Talent Management: The world’s most forward chief human resources officers, researchers, consultants, and academics are considered for this highly selective course meant for change leaders who with their gumption, erudition, business intelligence, and people intelligence know how to change the world of talent management.

It allows only a maximum of 30 international participants to undergo the exclusive program. This program consists of six different stages to stimulate the minds to innovate by way of perspective building, learning, and experiencing new paradigms in human resources management.

The first stage covers topics of international talent management and capabilities for corporate success sustainability. The second stage is about global business trends and frameworks defining the human capital. The third stage is a detailed study on decision making and management of one’s own career while maintaining others’ as well. The fourth stage is on principles and techniques of case development. The fifth stage takes care of inspiring teams while the sixth deals with strategic business management.

Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management: This program is the best thing to happen to HR professionals looking to arrive like never before. The program takes candidates through various steps of stimulating learning in global talent management and readying them for accelerated leadership roles.

The first stage involves a conceptual understanding of talent management perspectives, strategy and leadership element, and critical focus areas in the practice of talent management, experience and insights in international talent management, talent leadership capabilities, and futuristic models of the workforce.

The second stage undertakes a detailed online study of global trends for society and business, and people analytics. The third stage basically caters to the overview of building talent systems, conflict negotiation, talent motivation and retention, succession planning, and management of staffing. The courses prepare people to take the challenges of the human resources world with a renewed vigor and zeal.

It’s highly selective with only 40 candidates selected from many invitations received from the best professionals in human resources from around the world. The professionals earning this certificate are directly eligible to the ultimate credential in people management- the global fellow program in talent management.             

Sandeep Malik

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