Michelle Marquez Underlines the Importance of Giving Back To the Society

Michelle Marquez Charity

As people receive any good news, the very first thing they do is to share that with their near and dear ones.  Similarly, when something terrible happens, people react to their loved one for support. People rely on each other for emotional support, for times both good and mad. In the opinion of Michelle Marquez, as much this need for connection and support is ingrained among people, this element also goes the other way. As a human being, people need to contribute to help and support the people around them.  This contribution can be in ways big and small, such as being there for a friend in times of need or contributing financially to a good cause.

Michelle Marquez mentions the need for giving back to society

Giving back to society is something that people do not talk quite often about. Most people are largely focused on the ‘struggle’ of their everyday lives to spare much thought to giving back to the society in large. However, most people tend to be aware at the back of their minds that there are many people in the community who are in desperate need of support. Michelle Marquez provides great emphasis on this fact, and hence also strives to work to the best of her abilities to contribute to society as much as she can. She has volunteered tirelessly for the purpose of providing a family-friendly holiday celebration to families in need. The celebration included a hot buffet dinner, children’s activities and practical gifts. She has been adopting underprivileged families and volunteering during the time for holidays for years now.

Michelle Marquez Charity

Being quite a philanthropist, Michelle Marquez understands the need for giving back to society and helping the underprivileged communities.  Here are some of the factors that highlight the need for giving back to society:

  • Creates a feeling of gratitude: A certain feeling of humanity, compassion, as well as a sense of appreciation, tends to awaken among people as they help others.  There are not many important things to focus in the world, then beginning to understand the various things people have to be grateful for in their lives.  This sense of gratitude tends to come largely from the act of supporting and giving to people who are not as fortunate as themselves.
  • Encourages a culture of giving: Human behavior tends to be largely contagious. As people view other people giving back to society and supporting others in some form, this idea is quite likely to stick with them. Many people who give back to the society are quite likely to have been inspired some people of their family, community or society who have done so previously.
  • Alleviates struggling and suffering: In its very core level, as people find ways to give back to society, can ideally serve as a medium to provide relief from struggles and suffering to many.

Michelle Marquez through her charity and philanthropic work strives to spread happiness and joy within the community.


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