Things to consider before moving to Dubai from the UK

moving to dubai from uk

Are you considering moving to Dubai? Are you worried about how you will adjust there? Dubai is the fast-growing and lavish place to live and better lifestyle. Many things should be considered before moving to Dubai from the UK.

Dubai is the place attracted by the highest percentage of people worldwide. What draws people towards Dubai are better opportunities, sunny weather, safety, pristine white beautiful beaches, and upscale lifestyle. Shifting from one country to the other is very difficult. Thus you have to know the essential things about the destination country beforehand so that you do not get into any problem.

Here are the three essential things that you need to know before your move to Dubai from the UK.

  • Required Dubai visas for UK people

Here are the different visas for your movement to Dubai.

  • Dependent visa- For those people whose parents or spouses already live in Dubai, and they are residents of Dubai.
  • Employment visa- Employer is arranging a visa for you to enter the country for work permits.
  • Investor visa- people who are investing in organizations in Dubai
  • Student visa- People enrolling in universities and institutes in Dubai

Generally, employment visas are seen most commonly as the company registered under Dubai covers the expenses and requirements for visas.

  • Documents required to move to Dubai

If the movement is for employment purpose, then the documents required are signed the offer letter, educational certificates, passport copy and current introductory certificate consisting of ethical conduct and characteristics, from the country where you lived for last five years.

moving to dubai from uk

The documents must be ready in advance as it requires lots of time and must be following the Ministry of Labour guidelines. All the certificates must be Apostille Stamped by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office), and the UAE Embassy, London must do attestation. In Dubai also, attestation must be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Passport should be valid for six months.

  • Health checkup for processing of visa

The health checkup is compulsory for visa processes after which Emirates ID card is issued. The details must be correct on the ID card as it will be necessary for bank account opening, apartment renting or enrollment of children in school. Medical insurance and NHS is not mandatory in Dubai.

For the UK people, who shifted there for employment, the company will cover all your medical insurance and medical checkups while independents will need to sort out their insurance on their own.  

The next thing that you need to know is how it will be to live as a UK person in Dubai. The below are the five things that you should know to live in Dubai as the UK person.

  • House in Dubai

The accommodation is the essential thing in Dubai that one needs to find there. The house removals to Dubai are easy due to the growing real estate sector and organizations in-house removal sector. There are houses for everyone ranging from modest studios to luxury apartments and upscale villas.

The communities in Dubai are populated, and therefore you can easily make friends; hence you will not feel uncomfortable in Dubai. You should find a suitable property agent to search an appropriate home for you.

  • Rented home in Dubai- The rent in Dubai is a bit costly as compared to rents in the UK. However, in the suburbs of Dubai, the rent is low. The rents are paid in different ways o the owner. However, you can pay at installations, but it may go expensive sometimes.
  • Settling in Dubai- The settling is easy as after finding the home, household goods and furniture are available easily. DEWA in Dubai provides water and electricity and can be changed based on the buildings or areas where you live.
  • Getting in and around Dubai

The logistics movement is the next phase after house accommodation that a person has to do. The UK people will be happy to know that in Dubai, they have their metro in Dubai. Most of the cities in Dubai are connected through, and it is widely used for public transport. The Government-run taxis are common in the city and are cheaper than those in the UK.

The UK driving license can easily be converted into UAE by visiting Transport Authorities Officers, and even you can transfer your NCD (No Claims Discount) under the vehicle insurance policy.

  • Schooling for the UK person

The government schools in Dubai are the schools that cater only to the Dubai population. For the UK people, several private schools have international curriculums. The syllabuses in schools followed are GCSE. There are a total of 58 schools in Dubai that are for British. The education cost depends on the school organizations and their working culture.

  • Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Dubai is the most lavish for every person due to its wide variety of entertainment places. There are places for every person such as a luxurious lounge, mall for the latest fashion and trip, beaches for enjoying iced tea.

The skyscrapers, opulent hotels, and heritage sites are what make Dubai a beautiful place for living. For sports person, the golf courses have lush, stables and water sports.

moving to dubai from uk

  • Living cost in Dubai

The cost of living in Dubai is initially high for people moving from the UK. The rents, things, and other overhead expenses are quite high which people mostly go through initially. However, you can adjust these things after six months depending on your spendings such as going to malls, restaurants, and the car you are driving.

The people moving to Dubai from the UK are required to do all the requirements in advance as it takes a lot of time in the movement. Thus the above points that have been shared with you are necessary to be considered before and after moving to Dubai. It is advisable to do all the formalities under the Government rules and regulations of the UK and Dubai.


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