Important factors about NGO registration

national NGO registration

There are several NGOs in the country that works with unique visions and missions. NGO or what called Non-Governmental Organizations or Non-Profit Organizations are formed with an aim of not making the money but instead for the socio-economic development of the country by serving different classes of society. NGOs can raise funds, receive donations from foreign citizens, grants from government and other organizations and more. Every NGOs should be registered to make its working and administration in compliance with the rules and regulations of the concerned acts and laws of the state.  

Registration of NGOs

NGOs can be registered under various laws and acts in different states. It is mainly done under Society, Trust, and Non-Profit Private Limited Company. The organization has to meet the legal requirements and to submit necessary documents demanded by the registration rules under various acts. Even though the registration process is made simple, it is really a good idea to get professional services to make national NGO registration process free from any sort of mistakes, errors and legal tangles.

national NGO registration

The basic requirement of NGO

The first and most important step to start with the initial process of NGO is to decide the purpose, vision, and mission for which you need to start the social organization. There should be a clear and concise statement that represent and define and clear mission of NGO. The registration companies help you with preparing all of the much-needed documents and statement that is needed to apply for registration. The statement should also clearly specify about the targeted people of the society and the priority and type of services.

Formation of the board of directors

The founder or founders of NGO should form of a team of members to set up, start and run the social organization and this team of members is called as the board of directors. It is must to form this team to apply for registration. The founder or founders can add any numbers of persons as team members to coordinate and manage the functions of the organization.

Naming of NGO

The organization needs a name to move further with the registration process. The name can be anything connecting with the ideas or in accordance with the type of services the organization wishes to provide.

national NGO registration

After naming and the formation of the board of directors, Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Association should be formed with the bylaws that decide the power to each of the team members, authorities, board and more. Byelaws describes working nature and almost all of the factors related to fundraising, the area of operation and more about the organization.

Submitting the application

Once you prepare all of the necessary papers and documents, then it is the time to submit the application online. You can do it yourself or it is better to get the help of a professional expert in new NGO registration in India to add speed to the process without any of the usual mistakes or errors. Now there is no need to step out of your home or office since everything happens at the expense of a few clicks.


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