10 Hacks for the overworked soul

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Doing constant overtimes at the office and getting slain in the process? Are you the first one in and the last one out on a daily basis? Burning out faster than a candle lit on both ends? You need a breather! You are overworked and if you cannot just simply escape to vacation-land right away and it will take a bit more for things to chill on the work front, use these hacks to cool it down a little bit.

– Take a spa appointment

Let it be busy as a honeycomb at work but you can snatch one hour away from the hustle and bustle and pop into a spa salon to get a small therapy done on your overworked muscles. You will feel better by miles!

– Eat to your heart’s fill

Healthy eating is crucial to a better body and brain function but when you are tired and frustrated to the core, comfort food is what gives you some relief – it is called Comfort food for a reason! Why not order pizza online from Centre Street Pizza or grab a chocolate or a favorite snack to feel happier? You can eat better when you are slightly less stressed!

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– Go for a walk

No matter how much you have to still do before the sun sets, a 15-minute walk in fresh air can work wonders for your mind. The mind gets signals of extreme distress in the absence of a break or inadequate fresh air. Reset your system and start happier!

– Smell nice things

Aromatherapy is great for feeling fresh! Place a diffuser on your desk with your favorite aroma oil. The electric ones work the best. In the aura of subtle good smells, your mind will be instantly rejuvenated.

– Drink water

Tea and coffee are great ‘wake-me-up’s but water will hydrate your system and keep you from feeling parched. Also, it keeps your metabolism going and helps your body cope with the stress! Since most workplaces are air-conditioned, the chances of getting dehydrated are way too high.

– Snack on nuts

Nuts are rich in proteins and minerals which help your body endure more. Nuts are also an ideal snack to save you from binging on very unhealthy food like too salty or too sweet food items. Nuts help you feel fuller and satisfy the craving of crunch – all in all perfect for your long and tedious hours.

– Keep moving

Avoid sitting for long hours in front of the screen because the rays are too likely to make you feel overly tired. In every half, an hour or so, take a water or restroom break to feel recharged.

– Look at family

Keep pictures of family on your desk so that they keep motivating you to go on!

– Share a laugh!

There must be at least one person in your office you like and are friends with. Spend a moment in smiling and laughing with that person so that you feel better and happier working the long and painful hours too!

– Invest in smart products

Like a foot hammock, or a USB beverage warmer or fridge to keep your drinks hot or cold, or an alarm which reminds you to drink water. These are all things which make your workplace a more bearable place to be.

Stress due to overwork is ghastly, but you can feel better about your loaded work plan for the month using these hacks.


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