Pine Wood on Wall Panel

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Do you want to adorn your wall with a large pine wood frame, one that can hold an exquisite oil painting or a vintage work of art like calligraphy? Or do you want to buy pinewood photo frame of small sizes, sitting neatly in a row on your shelf, each with pictures capturing different moments of your life?

But first, why pinewood?

Well, to start with, pine wood has looks pretty different and distinct from other types of wood. That is largely due to its very light color – a cream or beige that borders on white. This light-shaded seamlessness is punctuated, rather aesthetically, with light brown waves and dark brown knots. This unique appearance is its obvious USP, and its use in the furniture of IKEA is what sets the home décor giant stand apart from the rest.

But there are other merits of using pinewood, not obviously visible, or known to most people. For instance, pinewood is soft yet hard and long-lasting, which explains its use in making floors, furniture, panels, roofs, and window frames. It is also used in heavy-duty high-value construction. The resin of the pine tree is an important source of turpentine.

Pinewood is derived from the bark of pine trees, which are evergreen, coniferous and resinous. The bark has a thick and scaly texture, though it can also rarely have thin and flaky skin.

Pines are grown in varied environs–mountains, semi-arid deserts, and rainforests. They are also cultivated in wide-ranging temperatures – from the hottest to the coldest. Their growth rate is also quite fast.

buy pinewood photo frame

The factors elucidated above offer reasons for the easy availability, and therefore, the wide-scale commercial use of pine wood in the construction and furniture industry.

Pinewood furniture is less dear than oakwood furniture, largely due to the fact that pine trees grow much faster than other trees whose wood is used in carpentry. Pine trees also low on upkeep and maintenance. They need lesser time to market and thereby it is no wonder that growers cultivators sell them at a lower rate. When it comes to the price factor, it is without a doubt that pine wood is a favorable option.

Its light shade makes it match-able with other furnishings in your living or working spaces. The light hue also indicates that you can paint a bright or dark color over it, in case you want to match it with the photograph or work of art within the frame. That said, pine’s trademark light color-dark knot look is reason enough to up the visuals of your home.

To conclude, we would say it’s a great idea to frame your picture, or a painting, or even a famous quote by a thinker, in pinewood and fix it to your wall. The distinct, attractive wood would surely add to the overall appearance of the artwork, without overshadowing it. So, we would suggest you buy pine wood photo frame, or simply, pine wood frame for your best pictures and paintings. They would certainly grace your home.


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