Plan a Beautiful Vacation to Spain for an Exotic Experience

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Spain, the country full of arts, culture, history and beautiful landscapes, is a dream come true destination for travelers from all over the world. Starting from breathtaking places, wonderful coastlines, charming cities to historic monuments, Spain is a country which has almost everything in its pockets to transform your stay into an Exotic experience. The varied landscape of Spain makes it a wonderful destination for any kind of travelers. If you are looking for a historic adventure, you can visit cities like Madrid or Valencia to explore the rich culture of Spain, or you can book one of the Costa Brava vacation rentals to enjoy a laidback yet luxurious seaside vacation. There are simply a lot of things which you can enjoy in Spain, and here are a few tips to help you plan your trip.

When to go

The weather remains moderate throughout the year in Spain. However, most of the travelers visit this country during the summer months. The months of July and August are the peak season throughout Spain. The prices are pretty steep during these months, and the streets are full of tourists. If you want to find a bit cheaper prices and do not want to encounter a lot of crowds, then you should visit the country during the months of January and February. The weather remains nearly perfect, yet you wouldn’t face the rush of tourists which will help you discover Spain at your own pace and more importantly, within your own budget.

Where to go and what to do there


The capital city of Spain is the place where you need to be if you want to indulge in the rich history of this wonderful country. The city is famous among European art enthusiasts for its huge collection of artworks and museums. You will discover a ton of places full of historic and cultural importance while roaming around the streets of Madrid. Remember to visit Plaza Mayor, located exactly at the center of Old Madrid, which is one of the best places to people-watch. Take a trip to Royal Palace and Armory from here to learn about Spain’s history. Museo Nacional Del Prado is another must visit place in the city, a museum where you will get to see a lot of well-known artworks.


One of the most famous destinations in Spain, Barcelona is a city which will surely blow you away. It is a destination which will obviously be in your itinerary. The city is particularly known for its beautiful architectures and gorgeous beaches. It is a perfect destination if you want to enjoy a seaside vacation in Spain. You should also enjoy the awesome nightlife that this city has to offer. And if you are interested in Artworks, then the Museu Picasso is a must visit place for you, which houses one of the largest collections of artworks by the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.


The port city of Valencia is the third largest city of Spain. Located on the southeastern coast of the country, Valencia is a city which you must visit if you want to experience the authentic culture of Spain. You will get to see some of the most extraordinary architectures here, starting from Art Nouveau buildings to Renaissance and even Gothic structures and monuments. The city is famous City of Arts and Sciences which is a must-visit place when you come to this city. There are also several beaches for you to explore while you are here.


The island of Ibiza is famous in the whole world for the awesome parties it hosts. A land of never-ending fun and beach parties, a trip to Ibiza is an experience of its own. You can plan your entire vacation here or you can come here for a few days during your long vacation in Spain. But no matter how long your visit is, partying on the island of Ibiza will be an experience which you will remember for your whole life.

Costa Brava

If you are looking for a pleasant or a romantic vacation when you travel to Spain, the Costa Brava is the place to be in. It is one of the most unspoiled, picturesque destinations you can visit in Spain. Located by the coastline, this gorgeous destination has some of the best beaches you can be in Europe. Costa Brava is also a foodie’s heaven, as the region offers a magnificent coastal cuisine which is as unique as the destination. Starting from locally brewed wine to a huge concentration of Michelin-starred chefs to an array of fresh ingredients, Costa Brava as everything to satisfy your palate.


If you are interested in Spanish artworks, then Figueres is a destination which you have to visit when you spend your vacation in Spain. It is the birthplace of the famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Here you can visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum, which is a museum designed by the great artist himself. Dali described the museum as ‘a single block’, ‘a great surrealist object’, and it surely is. You will be awed by the artworks displayed at the museum, and the museum is a piece of art itself. There are also a few other museums to explore while you are here, including the Technical Museum, The Emporda Region Museum and also the Toy Museum of Catalonia.


The region of Andalusia is a beautiful destination if you want to explore Spain in a completely different way. Away from the popular tourist trail, this autonomous region of southern Spain is a great destination to visit to experience the true beauty of Spanish countryside. The destination is mostly preferred by travelers who have already visited Spain a few times and seen all its touristy cities. Andalusia offers you a glimpse of the regular Spanish lives in its most unadulterated form. There are also a lot of tourists attractions in the region, and a number of beaches for you to explore.


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