Week by week growth of the baby

trimester of pregnancy

A baby starts as a tiny cluster of cells, but during the nine-month procedure of pregnancy, he becomes a remarkable baby with facial features, kicking legs and a beating heart. With the help of the video of baby growth week by week, you can find out what is happening with baby’s development week by week.

first trimester of pregnancy

First Trimester: The first trimester of pregnancy is from weeks 1 to 12. During this period the baby grows at a faster rate with all the vital organs getting formed. By the 4th week, the baby’s heart starts to beat and the blood vessels start circulation. Even the eyes and limb buds begin to appear. By the end of the first trimester, the fingers and toes of the baby can be distinguished but they usually remain embedded. Moreover, all the major body organs are formed but not yet functional fully.

Second Trimester: The pregnancy weeks from 13 to 26 mark the second trimester. During this period the baby goes through major developments. By the end of this trimester, you can expect the baby to open the eyes and blink. Also, the eyelashes tend to grow and there is more hair on the head. Footprints and fingerprints are formed. Lungs are still developing and not completely mature. The baby’s heart rate and movement augment as the baby may react to abrupt noises or movement

Third Trimester: Weeks 27 to 40 of pregnancy form the third trimester. During this period, the baby is still developing and by the end of the trimester, the baby is ready to enter the new world. During this period the baby looks plump due to fat deposition under the skin, the skin is less wrinkled and the baby sleeps for a long time. The brain continues to develop and the lungs are getting matured. By the end of 37th week, the baby is positioned deep into the pelvis in head down position. In the 38th week Pregnancy is considered full term and the below mentioned things take place:

  • Most of the lanugo and vernix has vanished
  • Fat is still forming and the fetal growth is almost stopped
  • Head is the largest part of the body now.
  • Facial skin becomes smooth
  • Head has coarse and thicker hair
  • Small breast buds are present in both the sexes 

first trimester of pregnancy

By the 40th week, the baby is fully developed and has attained the growth and is all set to be born any day now, so it is important that you must consult with the doctor.

The fetal development during each week indicates the developmental milestone of the baby. After a long wait, the baby finally arrives, bringing all the joy you have been anticipating. It is now your turn as parents to start taking up the liabilities of the well-being of the baby. To know more about the growth and development of the baby during this stage you can refer to a video of developing baby week by week.


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