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What Are the Rituals That Make the Punjabi Wedding Beautiful and Enjoyable?

Rituals and traditions are the things that make the wedding beautiful and enjoyable. If a divorced girl looking for marriage she can take help from matrimonial sites to have the best groom for her future. There are so many wedding rituals that make the wedding beautiful and enjoyable. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Rokka: This is the first wedding ritual that places at a Punjabi wedding. This is a ritual in which both the families announce that the engagement is fixed and give the bride and groom so many gifts and money. This is a ritual that is followed by Shagun.
  • Shagun: This ritual is also referred to as a pre-engagement ritual. In this ritual, both the bride and groom have gifted so many things such as jewelry, money, dress, etc. This ceremony is referred to as the Shagun ceremony because the things are given to the bride by the groom’s family and to the groom by the bride’s family.
  • Mangini: This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom exchange their rings and announce that soon they are going to be husband and wife.

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  • Mehndi/Sangeet and Jaggo: This is a ritual that takes place just one day before the wedding. This is a wedding ceremony in which both the bride and groom are applied or adorned Mehndi on their hands. In this ritual both the groom and bride’s family members, friends and relatives dance and sing a lot to show their happiness. “Jaago”– This is a ritual that is done in the Sangeet ceremony only. People say “Boliyan” and collect oil in the pot. This is a ritual followed by Vatna.
  • Vatna: This is a wedding ritual in which Haldi is applied for the faces and body of the bride and groom. After this ceremony marriage takes place in a Gurudwara or marriage hall.
  • Viddai: This is a ritual in which the bride is sent to the groom’s house in a well-decorated car covered with flowers. This is a ceremony in which all the family members, friends, and relatives cry to show how much they are going to miss the bride.
  • Welcoming: This is a ritual in which the mother-in-law of the bride welcomes her to her new house. She puts oil on the corners of the door. This is a ceremony which is followed by the reception.
  • Reception: This is an after the wedding party that the groom’s family gave to their friends and relatives. After the reception ceremony, Mooh Dikhai takes place, in this ceremony the relatives of the groom come and see the face of the bride and gift her so much money, clothes, jewelry, etc.
  • Pag Phere: This is a ceremony that takes place on the fourth day after the wedding/marriage. This is a ceremony in which the bride goes to her house and she is treated with her favorite food and items. Divorced people can also search for bride and grooms on Punjabi divorce matrimonial.

These are the different types of rituals that take place in the Sikh wedding. All the rituals are held step by step and therefore, make the wedding enjoyable and beautiful.

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