Reasons why bottled water will not serve any purpose

bottled water

In our daily day to day life bottled or packaged water has become a norm. In comparison to milk or beer we tend to drink more bottled water. As per aquaguard amc charges Delhi we are doing a major mistake.

Most of us have heard the logic why purchase of bottled water is not a good idea. But still we continue to purchase it. Let us now get on to the details of why we stick to this habit in spite of it having fatal consequences.

Wastage of money

Purchase of bottled water is a mere waste of money. They are various associations that have stringent quality standards in packaging of bottled water. But experts are of the opinion that packaged bottle water would replace carbonated drinks in a short span of time

Bottled water could be a source of contamination

Here one is not trying to scare you, as bottled water is generally considered to be safe. But not all packaged bottled water poses to be a safe bet. Common contaminants in the form of algae along with bacteria make their way into drinking water. The recalls of bottled water are at an alarming level as well.

Plastic bottles could pose to be a major health issue

One of the big reasons why bottled water has scaled new heights is people have a liking towards it. Water is essential for a healthy mind and body, but packaged bottle are an issue. The main issue here is BPA. In case of some bottled water bottles it is BPA free. But researches claim it to be a false occurrence. Chemicals are used to replace BPA that could pose significant dangers.

There are PET bottles that are recyclable which does pose their own health risks. If you allow water to sit in a water bottle for a long time these risks could arise. It does pose a risk where the plastic breaks down and makes its way on to the water.

Considering all these points FDA has gone on to incorporate some standards for FDA industry. But get to the details before you purchase.

Bottled water is not even going to taste better

Considering the amount of money you spend on bottled water you expect some satisfactory returns. It would not be a healthy option, but will it taste better? Worse aspect is that people cannot differentiate the taste between ordinary and tap water.

The household water could differ in terms of taste and quality considering the source from where it has been obtained. It could be very well possible that the tap water in your home is not even safe to drink.

The only solution is not bottled water.

In case if you have gone through the above mentioned points and feel that bottled water companies are duping you there is no better time to change your habits. In filtration methods at your home makes water safe to drink and RV system provides refreshing water at you taps.

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