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Sharjah: Make a rewarding career ahead with these interview tips

Sharjah is the center of attraction for tourism and culture. The city also has a large number of restaurants and hotels. But some of the booming sectors in Gulf nation is oil reserves and other major industries such as healthcare, education, IT, finance, aviation and many more.  So, it sounds pretty easy to get jobs in a gulf country, but the truth is another way around. The facilities offered by the city related to the medical sector are excellent, but the important point is how to get to a job. It doesn’t really matter how perfectly you have done your homework, everything comes to an end if you don’t follow the correct strategy for job search. Getting a Job in Sharjah, shapes and gives direction to your career, the topmost reason being tax-free salary is offered by the employers to employees.

So if you want to get jobs for sure, you can consider these follow-ups to get placed in a respectable position.

  • Complete your education- to get into the corporate sector you need to have a degree. But there are cases, where it has been observed that getting an education is not enough. You need to develop skills as per the demand of the industry. There are some skills which are gained during education whereas some of the skills are gained with the experience.
  • Brush up your skills- as you want to get placed in a reputed company, but do you seriously know what exactly the company is looking for? They look for candidates who can clear every hurdle thrown at them. Candidates need to brush up their aptitude skills, non-verbal reasoning skills. And they also need to revise their technical terms read during their course study.
  • Attend the walk-in drive- every college conducts on-campus recruitment drive, in which various companies participate in hiring candidates. The requirement and criteria for every company vary. For example, some companies allow candidates with two dead backlogs while some companies allow candidates with one dead backlog etc.
  • Groom yourself for the interview- the saying “the first impression is the last impression” fits well in the case of an interview. The job seekers must take care of looking the best while stepping out for the interview. You must also take care of business etiquettes while facing an interviewer such as a handshake, eye contact, sitting posture and many more.
  • Research about the organization whichever you are targeting- an interviewer has all right to ask you questions related to the company. An employer can ask questions related to the company’s profile, products, and services offered by the organization. So it is very important to go through the profile of the organization.
  • Prepare for interview questions- common HR interview questions can be asked by the interviewer from the interviewee. All you need to do is practice and practice so as to be more confident and also you don’t fumble in front of the interviewer.  You can also practice questions from various job portals to ace an interview session.
  • Never show desperation- it is always best to be on the neutral side than to show your need to the employer. Getting a first job is a task and some people handle it smartly while others don’t have the clue what to do next after the completion of graduation. Fresher start their job search and after some time either they land up in their core sector or they switch to some other sector. Whereas it is advisable to stay focused and dedicated towards your job search. It has been observed that candidates out of frustration show their desperation to the employer, which often leaves them empty-handed for the job.

If you follow these tips you will surely get jobs in Sharjah, but there is one more point which you must take care of is perfectly tailored resume. As a resume with perfect layout having all the details such as qualifications, skills gained with experience and many other details are there on the resume. Some major details which are a must have for the resume such as contact details and email address. Design your resume by using targeted keywords to increase your chances of getting hired.

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