Should You Buy a New Equipment for Your Farm or Not?

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Just like buying any important agricultural equipment and machinery, there are several things to consider when purchasing a field sprayer. In order to maximize the benefits of such important pieces of farm equipment, it is important that you put into consideration several tips.

This article will discuss some of the most important considerations when buying a sprayer for the field by answering several questions commonly asked by farm owners.

Do I really need to buy/lease a new or replacement for my current one?

This question is not easily answered by either a yes or no. In order to adequately answer it, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you must assess your current sprayer, whether or not it is working the way you want it to be. If you are fairly satisfied with its performance, capacity, features, and condition, then you may not have the need to upgrade it. However, if your field is now requiring a sprayer with more capacity and capability, then you can be sure that you would need to buy or lease either a brand new or used unit. In a nutshell, you first would want to assess your current sprayer and your field’s requirements.

What type of sprayer should I use? Self-propelled sprayer or pull-type sprayer?

Both of these field sprayers offer a variety of benefits to farm owners and workers. Again, in order to answer this question, you must first evaluate your field’s requirements. Self-propelled sprayers are well-known for their speed, efficiency, and capacity. They are also the top choice of farmers who are looking for a sprayer that causes less damage to crops and soil compaction and has better height clearance. However, such sprays not for all because they are more expensive and are more costly to maintain. Pull-type or tractor-mounted sprayers, on the other hand, offer a variety of advantages as well, such as they are easy and less expensive to maintain, and convenient to use and operate. However, since these sprayers have limited capabilities, farmers who use it may only cover small portions of the field. In summary, you must be able to assess and evaluate the needs of your field and crop production as well as your budget in order to determine which type of sprayer is best suitable for you. Also, you need to put into consideration the fuel. Fortunately, there are Diesel Fuel Delivery services available now in Australia.

Diesel Fuel Delivery

Should I buy brand new or used sprayer?

It all boils down to your budget. It is important to evaluate the operation costs of buying a brand new sprayer vis-à-vis using a used one. In order to come up with a wise decision, it is important that weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of both. Buying a brand new field sprayer surely has its own advantages, such as it has more advanced features and it comes with a warranty, making it more reliable and dependable. However, purchasing a new one is straightforward costly as it is a big investment, especially for those with a small operation. On the other hand, used sprayers are much less expensive and they are reliable and dependable as well. However, they do not have a warranty and may be more prone to repairs. To sum it up, if you have a big operation and you have resources to buy a brand new one, you may want to do so as it will help you a lot in your work. However, if you have a small operation but finds the need to have an upgrade on your current sprayer, then purchasing used equipment may be more practical and ideal.

Field sprayers are important pieces of equipment for farming and agriculture. If you find the need to buy a new one or a used one, it is important to consider your field’s needs and your budget. Also, make sure that you have a contact with a diesel fuel delivery service provider like Refueling Solutions so you won’t have any problem operating your equipment.


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