Six Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Poodle

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Poodles are among the most loyal, lovable and versatile dog breeds. These affectionate companions are rational and hence easily trained to suit your living arrangements. 

On the downside, poodles require the owner to be strict, giving clear directions and establishing rules. They need to recognize that you are the boss; otherwise, they will easily pick up bad habits that will hard to correct and for you to rectify.

Here are six important things to know before adding a poodle to your family:

How to live with a Poodle

Just like babies, poodles often need interaction with the owner. It is for this reason that they are perfect dogs for persons living and working at home since they are at home for the majority of the day. 

Poodles get anxious when left alone for long spells. They will exhibit rowdy behavior like barking, which could disturb neighbors.

 Due to their intelligence, these dogs should be trained as soon as possible. As an owner, you should feel obliged to train your poodle to identify you and respect you as the boss. 

Poodles always want to be valued like any other member of the family. A suitable way to account for this is by ensuring they have enough exercise and playtime to keep them mentally stimulated and active. 

Swimming is one of the activities that breed love. Taking them for a walk along the beach or down to the creek, if you have one close by, is a perfect outing for this breed.

Poodles require regular grooming

Unlike most of the other dog breeds, poodles do not shed. You will hardly come across any of your poodle’s hair on the carpet, bedding or even on kitchen utensils. 

However, most homeowners find it challenging to keep this breed since they require regular grooming.

Dogs continuously lose fur by shedding, and this helps them to manage their coats. Poodles are different since they need their owner to help them manage their coats.

You can groom your poodle yourself or leave it to professionals to help you with the work. 

Vacation Care

Consider hiring a dog sitter to help you with your poodle if you are traveling with work or planning a holiday. 

This will give you peace of mind knowing your poodle is in their home environment while being well looked after. Ensure those who are minding your house and poodle know the rules you have in place for your poodle and ensure they stick to them.

They come in different sizes

Poodles come in three different sizes, and all of them are just as perfect. These sizes include the standard, miniature and toy Poodle. The difference lies in their height. 

Standard Poodles are the tallest of the three. They stand more than fourteen inches at the shoulder.

The miniature comes second.

The toy poodle is ten inches at the shoulder. 

They all have equal physical proportions, personality, and characteristics. Knowing these three poodle sizes will help you select the best size for you and your family.

Poodles are protective

Why have a doorbell installed in your house when you have a poodle? Your poodle will already have introduced guests before they even get a chance to ring the doorbell.  

Ensure your poodle has manners when it comes to letting people in the house. Do not let them jump up on people. Warming up to new people may take some time.

Poodles get along with other pets

Poodles do not have any problem getting along with other pets. However, you will need to introduce them together while still young.

Poodles are superiority dogs

Poodles enjoy being commanded by their owners. Originally, they were bred to be hunters. The breed has still retained its athletic and eager abilities. Due to their intelligence and obedience, poodles make exceptional military, guard and assistance dogs.


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