“Tag, You’re It” Is Even Cooler With Blue Blockers

blue blockers glasses

Playing laser tag is very fulfilling! It is an extremely fun activity for people within any age group.  Playing laser tag can be a great opportunity to get the blood flowing and get the body moving. It can be used for birthday parties, youth and adult get togethers or even a game night between friends and family members.  A game of tag consists of players running around with plastic guns trying to shoot painless laser beams at one another. The goal is to get as may players out of the game. A vest is provided to the gamers and they simply have to shoot at each other until a person is hit with the laser and they would then have to step out of the game temporarily. Given the fact that the game is not too dangerous, a helmet or a knee pad would not be required. To really feel as though they belong in a fantasy world, the players sometimes put on imitations of blue blockers glasses, which really helps them to get their minds into the game.

blue blockers glasses
blue blockers glasses

As previously mentioned there will be physical activity therefore it is very important to bring comfortable wear such as running shoes or joggings. What is amazing about this activity is that regardless of the temperature outside (rain, storm, winter, sun) one can enjoy this activity in the indoors. What greater way to promote socialization than to get a bunch of like minded people together to enjoy a game of laser quest? Instead of the constant cell phone or technologically enhanced conversations, a group gets to interact and have real profound conversations with one another. It also encourages individuals to connect within a setting of a group in order to reinforce team building skills.

The lasers come in all different types of colors and sometimes in different shapes as well. Blue, pink, yellow, orange, green, red, and much more! It sure is a site to see.

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