The Dumping World of Momos

dumping king

Momo is basically a part of the Asian cuisine. When it comes to eating it not only means to fill our stomach but it more about making our tongue happy. Thus, people often want variety even in a single dish. This difference in taste is actually brought by mixing the blend of different types of spices all together along with garnishing and serving. Thus, in the dumping palace, nowadays, with different styles, momos are a part of many other cuisines along with the Asian cuisine. The different shapes, styles, and garnishing make the food looks attractive.

There are widely two known types of momos, steamed momos, and fried momos. But are even many other types of momos that are made in restaurants by mixing different spice blends.

Some of the popular momos that are widely cherished due to their different tastes are, Tandoori Momos, Wheat Momos, Soup Momos, Kothe Momos, and Chilly Momos these all are also having different shapes. There are a few more along such as Cheese Momos, Paneer Momos, Keema Momos, Veg Momos, and Shogo Shabril Momos. Chicken Momo is a type that is preferred by all elder and younger people. There is a new style called the chocolate momo, which is introduced in many restaurants. It is basically a sweet dish and treated as a dessert. And it preferred and loved by children and small kids the most.

In restaurants, momos are the dumpling king and it is tried to make them healthier and even tastier. For the outer covering of the momos, the simple dough is generally prepared of white flour and water. But what is also added in some cases as wheat is healthier than white flour? A little bit of yeast or baking soda is also added so that we can give the finished product a fine shape texture as we want the momo to be.

Earlier momos were prepared with a basic meat or vegetable filling. But in recent years the fillings are generally prepared in a more elaborated manner. In case of veg momos finely chopped cabbage, carrot, soy granules, paneer are used. Along with all these potatoes, flat bean and chayote add up more of flavor and taste in it.

Now when it comes to non-veg momos, different types of meat are used as fillings. But the selection of the meat depends on the region where the momo is being made. Chicken, pork, goat meat, and buffalo meat are very popular in places like Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling, Sikkim, and Bhutan. And therefore in these areas filings are made up of these. In the Himalayan region of Nepal, India, yak, and lamb are the most popular and common. And thus, it is preferred and accepted by the people.

Whether it is veg or non-veg momos onions, garlic, ginger, coriander and other spices are used to give more taste. In some cases, tomatoes and soy sauce along with cheese are also used. At the time of serving mixed herbs are also in some places for garnishment of the dish.


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