Top 5 reason You should Use Handmade Soap

Use Handmade Soap

The soap we use in our everyday life is not natural. These contain very harsh chemicals that do nothing but harm to our skin. If your skin is dry, then this soap can dry out the skin to a level where it will need dermatologist’s help. These soap are not soap but chemical detergent, hardener, and synthetic lathering agent. You cannot even call this a proper soap. Soap should be made of natural ingredients like oils and liquids without containing any harsh element. If you are intrigued by knowing this and interested to try making handmade soap then hang on with us.

Homemade soap contains glycerin:

When you are making handmade soap the process by itself, make glycerin in it. Glycerin is a humectant that attracts moisture of the air to the skin. But soap makers collect it from the soap making process and sell it differently as glycerin. It is used to make lotion and cream.  So what we get from the commercial soap is dry skin. Because they do not contain glycerin that could soften our skin. Cold process soap benefits will be visible when dry, and flakiness of the skin will not be visible.

Good ingredients:

When you make a soap bar, you will not think commercially. You will try to add all the good things to your soap. Like, essential oils or olive oil, coconut oil and many more. Milk and puree can also be added to this soap to maximize benefits.  You will try out new ingredients every time to see which works the best for you. But commercial soap does not think about your interest that much. They will have a formula, and they will keep using it forever.

You can make it an exfoliator:

Customize soap will be far better than commercial soap there is no doubt on that. But you can intensify your soap game by adding exfoliator properties to your soap. You can add ground coffee or eucalyptus leaves to your soap to make it an exfoliator soap. There are different types of clays available that also can be used as an exfoliator. This kind of cold process soap benefits the skin with cleaning from the very deep pores. If your skin is sensitive, do not just put anything on the soap. Try to experiment and see if those ingredient does not irritate the skin.   

An increased amount of PH levels:

To keep your skin barrier in its best position maintain the PH balance of the skin. The naturally needed PH of the skin is 9 or 10. But the commercial soap may take this to 4 which harmful for skin. Without a balanced PH level, your skin may show signs of aging earlier than the actual time. Coconut oil present in homemade soap will keep the alkaline balance of pH which is going to protect skin balance and nourish the skin as well. The well-maintained PH balance will already smooth out the skin without any more added ingredients.

If you are a nature lover:

OTC toxics that harms our skin will also hurt our mother nature. It is causing harm to the rivers lakes and even ocean. Because of using OTC in commercial soaps animal testing is needed to prove that it is not bad for a human. But this is cruelty towards those innocent animals. You will be making your homemade soap that will not contribute to the cruelty towards animals. So silkier skin is not achieved by means of any cruelty.


Making homemade soap is just a few ingredients away. You can easily make it and enjoy a luxurious and soothing bath with that soap. The essential oil used in the soap will let the aroma go everywhere. After a long day, the luscious soap with soothing smell will wash away your tiredness with germs. So do not delay making your very own soap.  


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