Train Journeys: Much more than a journey!

Train Journeys

If you love to travel then you should never leave a chance to go on a trip. The real enjoyment of a journey is in train. You can simply relax down in your seat and experience the diversity being catered to you throughout the trip. Whether you talk about different types of people or the changing scenes out your window; there is much to explore and experience.

Book Collection

There is nothing more exciting than having your favourite book in hand and flapping through the pages. Munch on the food you order through food delivery in train and finish the book in a single journey. Maybe you don’t get much time in your day today life because of tight schedule or work but once you have the time during your train journey; you can make the best of both worlds. So, while you are going for a train journey, don’t forget to carry along your favourite books.

Chit-chat & experience

If you are traveling with your friends, acquaintances or relatives; the train journey would not be less than a beautiful talk session. You can chit-chat and recall the cherished times of past. You have plenty of time to talk and share things that you usually fail to share because of busy schedule. You can play games and do the things that you used to do in your childhood. The best part of these train journeys is that there is nobody out there to judge you. You can experience a great time without any worry of getting judged.

Add up new sites

You can add up so many new sites in your sites collection when you go by train. The train takes you through tunnels, on bridges, beside rivers, amidst forests, fields, mountains, valleys and so on. These are the surroundings that actually enhance your overall lifestyle. The more you get to know about the sites and landscapes; the richer your life will become. It is all about adding up the new sites and experiences in life. Now suppose you see a beautiful cottage in countryside, wouldn’t it be a gorgeous thing for you? Of course since you live in the concrete jungle of metro cities; you might miss these elegant and simple things like cottages right?

Shake it off

If you have any stress, burden or issues in life; you can shake all it off. Yes, you have so much of time to introspect and plan. You can figure out where are you going wrong and where should you put in efforts. This way you might come up with a strategy that fixes everything in your life. You can analyse the things that are taking place in your professional and personal life calmly and patiently. This way you can carve out some really effective remedies or solutions for you. Come on, you just need to shake off the worries and relax. While you have time in train, think calmly and you would see the silver line.

So, a train journey is not just a mean to get you to your destination, it is a journey that acquaints you with so much!

Sam Bawa

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