How to Troubleshoot Roku error code 017

Roku Error Code 017

Those people who are unable to connect to the home wifi network will most likely face the Roku Error Code 017 problems. Your Roku streaming player provides you with access to stream audio and video from the internet. You need a good connection with your Roku device to your home network and from connecting to the internet.

First of all Resolving a Roku Error code 017 is to remember to your Setup steps and If you have check installed the device properly. Here I can help you from provides the all step to check the connection properly along with the good suggestion for troubleshooting any problem for Roku error code 017. For the device to perform well, you need a secure, authentic, High-speed Internet connection.

Then set up your Roku Streaming device. To connect  Roku device to your home network in the same process that you connect the computer or mobile phones. Easily select your Home wireless network name and fill the password. In doing so, a wireless connection founded from your Roku device to your home router. Your router will then grant permission through of Broadband service provided from your internet service provider.

Error messages

These are two types of error messages for Roku error Code 017. One says that Not connected to the Internet and the next one error message from unable to connect wireless connections.

A solution of Roku Error code 017

When your wireless signal strength is very low, your device will start to receive the error code 017 on the screen. Place the Roku device and the router close to each other, so that can be improved of wireless signal strength.

  • Connect to the Roku device from the same process to connect the mobile phones or computer device.
  • an After this device catches your signal and, select the correct name of the network then fill the password.
  • After that Roku connects the home access point or router.
  • Subscribe to a broadband service through an ISP internet service provider to get catch the Internet signal through the router.
  • Some Roku Devices is Ethernet capable. You can connect to the router with help of wired or cable with Roku device.
  • A Fault connection will always to lead service stop and installing the device without internet connection is not possible.

Roku connectivity Problems

They are four steps to create a connectivity problem with your device

Step 1

  • If you are trying to connect to the internet, an Unable to connect and not show the Wireless screen.
  • Then you check the all network again, you will be requested to perform the scan operation again.
  • Press on the ok button and complete the process.

Step 2

  • In another case a checking screen operation after you have select the network name or entered the password.
  • You have to see the Red Cross marks against the wireless connection field while the internet connection field remains blank.
  • The last option left to do is click on Cancel to proceed connecting process again.

Step 3

  • The third issue of Roku code error 017 when you are trying to launch a streaming channel and the network connection Have been lost.
  • You will get a message for not connected to the internet, which will also explain that the particular cannot be productive due to the connectivity problems with the internet.
  • You have two option. You can click the setup connection and start installing the connection again.
  • Alternately, press on proceed anyway to see the next step error or Instruction.

Step 4

  • During the Playback an error screen appears, which simply stop at the loading or wait after which the advancement stop or screen
  • After pressing on Exit to setup connection or click on I will set it up later.

Check Network connection

  • First of all verify the priority of and strength of your signal to check the Internet connection, under that setting.
  • Then the check first step to check the quality of the signal, and second step measures the connection speed.


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