Trust Your Kids For Them to Trust You

Trust your kids

Relationship without trust is like tree without leaves. Trust is the root of every relationship whether its husband-wife, parent-child and any other relations. These days’ people have major trust issues. This has become the elementary cause behind the rupture of relationships. People do not want to trust each other as they believe them to be finer to that of another person. Trust is the pillar potency of every relationship. It makes your connection not only sturdy but as well lifelong. Relationship built on three basic ideals:

  • Trust
  • Care
  • Attention

If you want another person to trust you then you need to do the same because in every relationship there should affinity to make it stronger. Similarly if you want your kids to trust you, you also have to trust them. These days most ongoing topic is disputes between parents and children. There may be numerous reasons of dispute:

  • Generation gap
  • Lack of communication
  • Dominating nature
  • Misunderstanding

Relationship of parents and children is most chaste and gallant. Parents are the only admirer of their children. They are the only one who wants their children to attain heights and fly high to accomplish their dream. They do everything for their children selflessly. The only thing parents expect from their children is that their children work so hard and achieve great success to make them feel proud parents.

Trust is a practice of faith in the world, the people in our lives, and even in ourselves. You would agree that trust is the biggest foundation between you as a parent and your child. Being a parent, you raise your child and provide them the best of education and teach them basic ethical ideals for the betterment of future. But when you see that your children is going on a wrong path, then you may start doubting them, you start keeping check on their action and many more. There is nothing wrong in doing all such thing because it shows your love and concern for your children as being parents.

It takes million years to build trust but few seconds to break it

There are multiple ways to build everlasting relationship between you and your children:

  • Stop being Bossy

      It is very important for you being a parent to deal with your children in a polite manner because children understand easily if you make them understand with love and care but if you try to be bossy with them, they may get agree to your things but won’t respect you. This will become a major reason of misunderstanding between you and your children. Being a parent, you have right to make understand what is right and what is wrong but you don’t have a right to control over their lives.

  • Be supportive

In this selfish world, parents are the only one to whom children can rely on whether for emotional support or for financial support. These days you cannot trust anyone either its your friend or relatives because people stop being with you, where their need ends. So its very necessary to understand your children and provide support to them in every phase of life. The way you treat your children in their young age, the way they will treat you in your old age. So, be conscious not only for the betterment of your children but even for your better old age.

  • Allow them to accomplish their goals

Do not force your dreams to be accomplished by your children, let them follow their dreams and even more help and guide them to follow their dream. If you allow them to do what they want to do, they will achieve great percentage of success. Being a parent, help them to find schools in India which enable your children to accomplish the goal.

Dream to fly

To touch the sky

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