Used Car Buyer’s Guide — Vehicle Valuation

Vehicle Valuation

It is always recommended to buy a used car to the first time buyers because it is economical for them. But above all it is important to learn how to evaluate used car before finalizing the deal as buying an old car is usually considered more difficult than new one. So in this blog, I will help readers in explaining the old car evaluation process.

Old Car Evaluation:

  • Physical condition of car: It is very important to accurately examine the physical conditions of vehicle e.g. the interiors, dents, exteriors, rusts and also paint peel-off for the best car valuation.
  • Drive-ability condition: This comes as the second thing to do. A noise from car engine, suspension, cornering, underneath or glitches in drive-ability would add substantial decrease in the car value.
  • Car functions: This includes power window, AC, central lock, lights, steering, door locks and indicators; all these factors can help any buyers in evaluating the vehicle actual price.
  • Accidental history: Accidental history is also very important to note down. Accidental history of the vehicle, insurance claims, door panels etc. will also help you in defining the car valuation.
  • Service history: Service history is important to know for future ease. As a buyer you must know that all scheduled servicing of the vehicle are done on time or not? Also is the authorized workshop bills are properly documented or not? Otherwise these things will bug you in later phases.

Evaluating the Ownership Documents:

As we all know that two important ownership documents include:

  • Smart card or RC Copy: This is an important document to be checked before finalizing the deal.
  • Insurance: Be careful and check that the “insurance policy” of the car is valid on the date of the purchase and must have at least 3 weeks’ time in expiry.

Tip: How to get better valuation Quote

  • First impression:As first impression is always very important in everything in life and it is equally crucial in car valuation process. For old car valuation, the vehicle must be cleaned from exteriors, interiors, exteriors and overall appearance point of view.

The minor dents from the car must be removed, a little paint touch-up can be good, and also the floor carpets are suggested to be cleaned.

  • Tyre condition: If the owner has replaced tyres in less than two years then it may get good valuation quote for the seller.

Important considerations before buying an old car:

Every old car buyer needs to consider following points in mind before finalizing the deal:

  • Affordability: Before buying a car, it’s important to think over the capability to bear the costand calculate the budget including insurance, operation, maintenance and repair costs.
  • Car model: Determining on what model car suits a buyer’s lifestyle is a significant thing to know. This can be done of an old car buyer do proper research before going out in the market. In this way he or she will be familiar with details of the model he is looking for. This may include:
  1. Car model
  2. Car price range
  3. Vehicle size
  4. Colors availability
  • Avoiding scams & other irregularities: In order to secure yourself from future scams etc. it is highly advisable to ensure that the car seller is the actual owner of the vehicle. In some cases, people sell leased vehicles; which is not at all a good option for go with.

In a net shell, the above mentioned smart tricks can help every Used Car Buyers Melbourne to get the idea of how price can be valuated. Whereas, this article is equally helpful for the ones who want to sell their used cars and earn good cash in return.

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